A Dining Revolution

Fri, 21 May 2021

Engin akyurt Qfpc7EV1YNM unsplash small
Pic by Engen Akyurt

The 4 star Eleven Madison Park in Manhattan has been called the best restaurant in the world for its suckling pig, sea urchin and lavender glazed duck. Yet it is reopening after 18 months of pandemic closure with a brand new menu. Last year acclaimed chef Daniel Humm realised that the pandemic had exposed weaknesses in global food systems, underscoring inequities in American life that meant meat and seafood-based diets were simply unsustainable. So he decided to change everything – except the price. In Manhatten, his Eleven Madison Park’s multicourse menu will still set you back US$335, including tip.

And while we are removing unnecessary suffering, what about plastic? Studies have found microplastics – smaller than 5mm – in foods including tea, salt, seaweed, milk, seafood, honey, sugar, beer, vegetables and soft drinks. Tap water contains plastic. Bottled water contains even more. So it’s probably the perfect time to road test compostable cling wraps.

And out in the vineyards, we report on Villa Maria wines and ask what ever happened to Brown Bros Tarrango….P
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