2RPH Volunteer Noticeboard

A space for the latest announcements and messages for our volunteers. (Updated May 24 2023)

All Volunteers

  • 2 June - The mid-year fundraiser will commence on Wednesday, 7 June. Amended scripts with fundraising messaging will be placed in the studio folders by Tuesday afternoon AND in the "Scripts Current" folder on the desktop computer in the prep room. 
  • 24 May - All studio recordings will now be at 48000 Hz sample rate, as opposed to 44100 Hz. This is to ensure better compatibility with our new computers. Please select 48000 instead of 44100 when setting up recordings in Audition and Audacity.
  • 11 May - The Reader 1 headphone amplifier in Studio 2 has been fixed!
  • 26 April - Another printing tip: The system has been set up so that it requires not only a code at the computer but also a code at the printing station. If you press "print" on multiple jobs quite quickly at the computer, the printer will release all jobs with one login - provided it's not left idle for more than one minute. Irrespective of the time you choose in PaperCut's drop-down menu, the code you enter into the printing station expires after 60 seconds. This is to accommodate multiple people during busy periods rather than having to wait for one person to finish their entire preparation over, say, a 15-minute period. 
  • 21 April - This is a reminder that the Rostering room computer is available to print newspapers until 9.30 am, Monday to Friday (and all weekend). As already mentioned in On the Mic, it is now connected to the PaperCut software, so you will need your code to print. 
  • 21 April - We are still seeking one or more volunteers from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to produce and present the fortnightly program, Koori Mail (from the fortnightly Indigenous newspaper, Koori Mail). All necessary training and support will be provided. Contact Nicola or Marty (nsnell@2rph.org.au, mpeploe@2rph.org.au). 
  • 20 April - The printing software, PaperCut, has been upgraded so that it can not be overridden on any computer. Please ensure you have your printing code when coming into the station. If you have lost it or would like to change it to something more memorable, please contact (nsnell@2rph.org.au). Please note that the default printer is "FollowMe". Its default settings are A4, black and white, and two-sided printing with a portrait layout. If you would like to deviate from that, you will need to change the settings by clicking "More settings". Please see or call Nicola on 0409 716 883 if you want assistance. 
  • 13 April - Please keep an eye out for articles about animals for our Animates program. There is an Animates tray in the rostering room where you can leave articles.
  • 12 April - Children's book readers needed. Please get in touch with Marty mpeploe@2rph.org.au.
  • 12 AprilWe're seeking another volunteer from the LGBTQIA+ community to share the production of the new pre-recorded program, Diva Magazine. Thanks go to Charlie Tiffin, new volunteer, who is already preparing the first episode.
  • 12 April - Production volunteers needed. Please get in touch with Marty if you can spare a few hours each week. mpeploe@2rph.org.au 
  • 11 April - Our Men's Matters program needs another host. Please get in touch with Marty if you're interested in presenting this show mpeploe@2rph.org.au
  • 11 April - All studio computers have now been upgraded! The login details are taped to the monitor in each studio.
  • 30 March - The computer in the rostering room can now be used for program preparation up until 9.30 am in the morning. It's connected to the printer in the preparation room (but not yet to the Papercut program - so you won't need a code for now. Peter will liaise with our external tech teams to have it set up shortly). 
  • 30 March. The password to the online newspapers has changed. New login details are now affixed to the Preparation and Rostering computer tables.
  • 24 March - The 2RPH subscriptions to the online versions of the daily newspapers should only be accessed from 2RPH computers. Please don't log in to the 2RPH accounts on your devices from home because the subscriptions disallow (a) more than a handful of devices logging in simultaneously and (b) logins in from too many devices, irrespective of whether it's simultaneous or not. We've had a couple of issues lately where people have been locked out on the reception computer, and this is, of course, stressful when under time pressure. 
  • Please remember to turn off your microphones when playing CDs, especially at the end of your program. It's distracting for the listener to hear shuffling papers and coughing over the theme music.
  • Please do not throw out the Good Food lift-out as it is needed for the Good Food program.
  • There are several announcements that need fresh recordings; please see the instructions in RECORD/ANNOUNCEMENTS
  • If you would like to record an interview for our 40 Stories series, please talk to Marty or Peter. 40 Stories is a special series we are running to celebrate our fortieth anniversary, featuring memories and recollections of 2RPH volunteers and friends of the station.


  • 23 May - Please turn off Cue at the end of your shift. The Cue button will change what gets sent to the headphones and it can be very confusing when it gets left on at the end of the shift.
  • 11 May - Please remember that "Letters To The Editors" is pluralised, because this segment uses letters from all of our major newspapers. Please do not say "Letters To The Editor".
  • 11 May - The BBC satellite service has been restored, so there will no longer be a delay in the feed,
  • 11 May - Please mention the day and date at the beginning of each live shift. This will help our listeners with a vision disability, and it also clarifies the date for those listening to the Newspapers On Demand.
  • 11 April - Every sponsorship message ends with Noel Castley saying "Station Sponsor Message". This tag is compulsary and must not be interrupted for legal reasons. Some announcers have been cutting it off and this could get us in a lot of trouble.
  • A Death Notices segment has been added to the Illawarra Mercury and Newcastle Herald shifts. This segment comes before the editorials and is to be announced at the top of the show. If there are no Death Notices, please let the listener know as they may be expecting them.
  • There is a new format for the TV guide in the breakfast shifts. Please read only the main channels (no Nine Go or 7mate) up to 6 am the next day. This is because we are no longer airing the evening TV guide program. An example of this format can be found as an mp3 on the desktop of the reception computer.
  • Announcers are reminded that they may read articles on air if they choose; there is no rule against this.
  • Please do not announce the Newcastle and Wollongong weather at the end of the Sydney Morning Herald shift. This is because the weather is covered at the start of the Newcastle Herald and Illawarra Mercury shifts immediately after.
  • Please avoid saying "the time on 2RPH is..." when doing time calls. It's better to say "You're listening to 2RPH. The time is now..."
  • Illawarra Mercury announcers will notice a new tab in BroadCart for Wollongong station IDs. These are special IDs for our Wollongong and Illawarra listeners, with a 93.3FM frequency. Newcastle Herald announcers can look out for Newcastle IDs in BroadCart over the next few weeks.