2RPH Volunteer Noticeboard

A space for the latest announcements and messages for our volunteers. (Updated 14th March 2023)

All Volunteers

  • We have several programs that need presenters. These include Animates, Food and Wine, Science and Environment, and Men's Matters. Please get in touch with Marty if you would like to get involved with pre-recorded content: mpeploe@2rph.org.au
  • Considered Opinion will be changing to "Letters to the Editors" from Monday the 27th of March.
  • Please remember to turn off your microphones when playing CDs, especially at the end of your program. It's distracting for the listener to hear shuffling papers and coughing over the theme music.
  • Studio 1 computer has been replaced + upgraded! Look out for upgrades in Studio 2 and 3 over the next few weeks.
  • Please do not throw out the Good Food lift-out as it is needed for the Good Food program.
  • There several announcements that need fresh recordings, please see the instructions in RECORD/ANNOUNCEMENTS
  • If you would like to record an interview for our 40 Stories series, please talk to Marty or Peter. 40 Stories is a special series we are running to celebrate our fortieth anniversary, featuring memories and recollections of 2RPH volunteers and friends of the station.
  • You no longer need to bring your own microphone sock, socks will be available in the studios and production staff will frequently wash and change them.
  • 2RPH staff is now doing all the washing up. Please leave used items in the left-hand sink.
  • The Zip tap in the kitchen is no longer operational, please help yourself to the filtered water in the fridge (the Brita jug).


  • A Death Notices segment has been added to the Illawarra Mercury and Newcastle Herald shifts. This segment comes before the editorials and is to be announced at the top of the show. If there are no Death Notices, please let the listener know as they may be expecting them.
  • There is a new format for the TV guide in the breakfast shifts. Please read only the main channels (no Nine Go or 7mate) up to 6 am the next day. This is because we are no longer airing the evening TV guide program. An example of this format can be found as an mp3 on the desktop of the reception computer.
  • Announcers are reminded that they may read articles on air if they choose; there is no rule against this.
  • Please do not announce the Newcastle and Wollongong weather at the end of the Sydney Morning Herald shift. This is because the weather is covered at the start of the Newcastle Herald and Illawarra Mercury shifts immediately after.
  • Please avoid saying "the time on 2RPH is..." when doing time calls. It's better to say "You're listening to 2RPH. The time is now..."
  • Illawarra Mercury announcers will notice a new tab in BroadCart for Wollongong station IDs. These are special IDs for our Wollongong and Illawarra listeners, with a 93.3FM frequency. Newcastle Herald announcers can look out for Newcastle IDs in BroadCart over the next few weeks.