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Blind Citizens Australia Life Ready Series

The word “diversity” is often used to describe different cultural backgrounds, but its meaning goes much further than this. Diversity recognises all of the differences that make us individuals, with unique stories, experiences, values and dreams.

Through its Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) project, Blind Citizens Australia (BCA) has recorded a series of five podcasts to highlight the diversity within the blind and vision impaired community. These podcasts feature four different members of BCA, and begin to share their stories.

This series of podcasts follows a session at BCA's National Convention on 'The many faces of Independence'. The discussion raised the notion that although we have different strengths and skills, and choose to live our lives in many varied ways, this diversity is a strength, not a weakness for our community.

To hear each podcast, click on the separate links below:

Blind Citizens Australia 2019 National Convention


From 29 March to 1 April 2019, individuals from all over Australia travelled to Hobart, Tasmania for the annual national convention of Blind Citizens Australia (BCA). The convention explored a number of relevant subjects including:

  • The rights of people with disability and the challenges and opportunities technology offers in relation to protecting and upholding our human rights;
  • How Aira Corporation are transforming lives, with chief executive Suman Kanuganti sharing his vision for how artificial intelligence will further enhance the independence of people who are blind or vision impaired into the future;
  • The future of work and what this means for people who are blind or vision impaired;
  • Blindness services in the 21st century;

And many more topics relevant to this sector. To hear some of these topics, click on the links below: