New Voices

New Voices is about the art of storytelling, featuring the work of new writers (most of whom are yet to be published); they provide listeners with writing tips, read a sample of their work, and are critiqued by a complete stranger. Tune in to New Voices to find your way back to why we all want to read and write stories to begin with - sharing experiences, making sense of the world, and creating worlds with words.

New Voices #4

In this episode of New Voices, we explore the intricate pathways to the art of writing as a mode of tribal story-telling. For sure, writing is creative self-expression and catharsis; no doubt at all. But some of us go beyond secret journals and diaries, and start developing a form of writing that begs to be shared - and it is not always a matter of choice or design!

Part-time parent and single dad, David Benn, is interviewed about unexpectedly finding a treasure trove of writing plots - all surrounding his experience of bringing up two boys. Astute and focused professional writer, Bronwyn Birdsall, critiques his piece. Without knowing him, nor being a parent herself, she immediately related to the poignancy of David's stories and storytelling style. The theme they share in the interviews is finding your “writers voice”, which according to both is the result of unstinting self-examination. 

Original broadcast date: 18 May 2020

New Voices #3

In this episode of New Voices we introduce our first poet Jasmine Monk. Now, before you rear back in horror at the idea of poetry, take a listen to Jasmine’s work. She writes for music which has not yet been composed! Mental health is something we all brush up against, and Jasmine dealt with it by using poetry as a therapy - but she is superlative in her simplicity. Picked up early as a bright new talent, she bucked the system with a heroic gesture.

The ‘stranger’ who critiques her is Josh Whitkin, a self-confessed ‘Techie’ by trade, writing a dystopian novel about vegans taking over the world. You wouldn’t think these two have much in common, but you would be wrong. Josh finds Jasmine's poetry spellbinding. Of all the interviews in this series, none surprised me as much as this one. And none was quite as difficult to keep under control! Listen to this intriguing episode which is full of surprises, and quiet howls of triumph! Well, maybe not so quiet.

Original broadcast date: 4 May 2020

New Voices #2

In Episode 2 of New Voices, presenter Maria Issaris interviews emerging writer, Helena Ameisen who discusses her writing journey. Her resulting narrative non-fiction manuscript is a feast of visual images and sumptuous memories (as the excerpt she reads out on the program will demonstrate). Helena is then critiqued by Alan Weinstein, a complete stranger who recorded his reactions and analysis with Maria at the 2RPH studios earlier this year (before the current virus situation!).

Listen to hear these two fascinating characters share their writers tips, and how they manage their creative life. For more on these two writers, head to the news story here.

Original broadcast date: 20 April 2020

New Voices #1

In this first episode, presenter Maria Issaris Walsh features the work of writer and Lifeline counsellor Wil Roach, who is critiqued by fellow writer and barrister, Kellie Edwards. 

Wil Roach is a proud Londoner born of Trinidadian parents now living in Sydney, Australia. He found his calling in community activism and has a heartfelt involvement in the mental health system. Wil is a writer of essays and currently working on a memoirs project covering the period of the mid 1960s to early 1980s, as well as a performer of his own poems and short stories.

Kellie Edwards, a Barrister in the areas of Administration, Commercial, Discrimination, Employment and Industrial Law. She is also an avid reader, painter and writer. Kellie majored in writing at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) many years ago and is working on two books: one about a cross-dressing woman in 1400s, and the other about Henry Helleyer, architect, surveyor and artistic soul who was the first white man to survey and map North-Western Tasmania for the Van Dieman’s Land Company (and happens to be a great-great-great-uncle).

Original broadcast date: 6 April 2020

New program: New Voices

Two people sitting in the studio.

New program New Voices broadcast its first episode on Monday 6 April at 5.30pm AEST. The show airs fortnightly on Mondays at 5.30pm and Sundays at 1.30pm.

The program revolves around the art of storytelling, featuring the work of new writers (most of whom are yet to be published), providing them with writing tips and methods, reading a sample of their work, and then having another person critique it. It's an opportunity for listeners to get a glimpse inside the creative writing process, as well as a very personal exploration of having one's work critiqued.

The program has been produced and presented by 2RPH Deputy Chair Maria Issaris Walsh, who has been flat-chat learning the ropes of producing a radio program and getting the interviews together. She hopes 2RPH listeners come to understand the beauty of writing: "Writing is an art form that can be practised at any level, just like painting. Not everyone is going to be hung in the national gallery (most now-famous artists never were in their own lifetime), but their work will give many people joy and connection. These days, publishing has become a very streamlined. and quite profit-centred business. This program is about getting back to why we all want to read and write stories to begin with - to share experiences, make sense of the world, and to create worlds with words," she said.

Image: Presenter Maria Issaris Walsh interviewing Wil Roach, Writer, for the new program in one of the 2RPH studios.