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Take the toll-free expressway to stories of interest around cars both old and new, as well as the people who built, designed, drove, raced and made them famous, and at some times, infamous. Get ready to enter the world of all things cars and motorsports with your presenter Richard Lyon.

Episode #189

We look at Rocket Man’s 1992 Bentley currently up for auction in England, a real Sweet Painted Lady this one.

Before she goes for good to a new owner, we take her on a couple of great road trips in Britain, you could try, if in fact you are lucky enough to travel to the old dart this summer, pass the Elderberry Wine and let your Crocodiles Rock...this week in 30 laps!

Original broadcast date 12.11.2022

Episode #188

We are still with the Studebakers this week as we finish the story of their dynasty.

We also complete another story from a couple of weeks ago, yes, the at the great cars of the Antipodes and why our taste for SUV’s and Utes revs up the emissions dilemma...this week on 30 Laps!

Original broadcast date 05.11.2022

Episode #187

You might remember Chet Baker that famous young white trumpet player, or Ginger Baker that great, late, drummer for the band Cream, Tom Baker as Doctor Who needs no introduction, Stanley Baker fought the Zulu’s in the movie Zulu, or Josephine Baker, she fought the Germans as an agent in the French Resistance, and how about August Zang, he was a real baker, the Austrian who invented the Croissant, what’s with all these Bakers?

Well, this week we look at the history of another baker, a foundation US motor company family the German Studebakers and their impact on all things motoring.

Original broadcast date 29.10.2022

Episode #186

We start this week with a story about how bad it is to charge your EV at home overnight...that’s shocking news.

We talk about the wonderful, iconic FB Holden and from there to the scariest drives for drivers and tourists, you could say we were Holden on for the frightening rides...this week on 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 22.10.2022

Episode #185

Where were you in 52? Ha Crikey, even I wasn’t around in 1952, but these cars along with the Olympics, QE 11, and an old man and the sea, were, so let’s take a look back in time.

Also, from a few weeks ago, that we ran out of time on, we look at service with a smile for the dealerships from John Connally of the Weekend Australian.

Original broadcast date 15.10.2022

Episode #184

Things have changed of late in the rental car business, if you are a rental car company its changed for the better, but if you, like me are a car renter, things are a lot worse, lets flag down that rental car and find out.

We could always buy the world’s most popular car and do away with rental cars altogether, well maybe not completely, The Little Tikes Cozy Coupe is the number 1 best seller, lets find out more, talking about doing away with cars altogether, lets look at the last car Elvis drove, from Return to Sender to Separate Ways………this week in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 08.10.2022

Episode #183

This week we have something for the person in your life with a interest in motoring, and who has everything. Is it Porsche Socks or perhaps a Lego F1 Maclaren? No, way better, if a little more expensive a Rodin FZero Track day.

After the terrible bush fires in Europe this year, what do Alfa Romeo do when they need to fight a fire at their test facility at Balocco? Well the use Alfa Fire Trucks of course........this week in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 01.10.2022

Episode #182

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and it has 20/20 vision. If you are ever going to release a new V8 into the then Ford/Holden/Chrysler market, take note of what happened to Leyland in 1973, in hindsight, we might never have seen the P76 and missed all that hoo haa.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the dealership, let’s see what John Connolly has to say around all that is “Service With A Smile” ……………this week in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 24.09.2022

Episode #181

This week in the Road Rules in the “How Bizarre” category worldwide. We start in NSW and then go global with some strange do’s and don’ts, mainly don’ts.

Also lets look at the gentle art of British classic vehicle restoration we missed from a few weeks ago. I’ll see your panel beating mallet and raise the crazy road rule around potatoes...this week in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 17.09.2022

Episode #180

Secret campaigns have invariably lead to no good throughout history, they have been used to destroy and undermine all kinds of things, in the automobile space, we have just uncovered another one.

It’s the Car industries’ take on EV take up, let's pull the cover off this one, and peer under the hood. On a happier note, lets look again at the magnificent Miura, its just been named the best classic car. The old and the new...this week on 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 10.09.2022

Episode #179

Jim Morrison once wrote a poem and turned into a song called “This is the End” written in 1966, it tells the story of The End, funnily enough. He must have had the ACT in mind when he wrote it, because it is the end…err of petrol car sales in the ACT.

Spain! hot sun, beautiful horses, glorious sherry, Paella, Tapas, Flamenco, Picasso, Conquistadores, La Siesta and Cupra, who? Cupra! A new Spanish car for Australia, ole! This week in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 03.09.2022

Episode #178

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, you can’t have a great story without a midnight train in it, going somewhere and leaving someone. Also, some sort of race to add spice and flavor helps in a good story as well, well tonight, we have both...this week in 30 Laps.

Take a little “Hitchcock Railway” add a little of John Lennon’s Rolls Royce and we are on our way……a race from London to Edinburgh, our own “Top Gear” show...this week on 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 27.08.2022

Episode #177

When you answer the question by saying MacDonalds, you have been asked the wrong question. The Hume from Melbourne to Sydney and the choice of where to stop to eat when you don’t want the Golden Arches or KFC or Spanish Chicken revenge, we have got the solution dished up.

We take the road to Sydney and we give you the places to eat along the way with the help of the SMH Good Food Guide, the need to know stops are all pulled out...this week in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 20.08.2022

Episode #176

Turning points in history are always fascinating, great discoveries, life changing medical advancements, technology breakthroughs to make our lives easier (or more confusing).

Today we talk about the great cars that changed the way we moved around in our lives. Also, at the top of the scale we drive the new Rolls Royce Phantom up the Grande Corniche, all 2.6 tonnes of her. The cars that made a difference and your seat in ultra luxury...this week in 30 Laps!

Original broadcast date 13.08.2022

Episode #175

I have a new Bugatti and it only cost me $1330! Its in Bugatti Blue too, we had better check this out.

Lets also talk about the most complicated cars ever made, and from there to Old England and the thriving classic vehicle restoration business, we talk to two gentlemen who are at the forefront of the looking back movement, the rebuilding of motoring classics.

Italian prestige, complicated builds and old world charm, plenty happening...this week in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 06.08.2022

Episode #174

A right Royal aspect this week. Kings and Queens are the focus, well at least partially. HRH QE 2 and the King of Rock and Roll, will make a guest appearance. Elvis and Liz, The Queens Bonnet and the Kings De Tomaso, all shook up.

The lowdown on the wait times for delivery of your new Toyota will be discussed, along with goodbye to the Beatles, er Beetle, the VW Beetle that is.

Beetles, Bonnets and Bullets, we are all fired up...this week in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 30.07.2022

Episode #173

When they asked Mad Max all those years ago, what Tina Turner would look like in her costume for “Beyond Thunderdome” he said “Crickey, it will transform her!”, well today we have a Mad Max sighting and a different Transformer.

Also, we go for the doctor as well, the F1 Trackside Doctor, that is, for a speedy consult. Coupled with a fiery Tesla, its all fire and brimstone and fast physicians, transforming, so to speak...this week in 30 Laps

Original broadcast date 23.07.2022

Episode #172

If you want to tell a great story about road trips and motoring, there must be a reference somewhere to an old truck, you know, like any Blues song worth it listening to always has a nighttime southbound freight train in it. Well we have one, (an old truck) and a great story.

1948 Ford Pickup in Tasmania is featured, along with morons on the road and if we have time, the story behind Australian Motorists turning their backs on plug in hybrid cars.

A old truck, the village idiots and say no to plug ins, variety and a bit of fun…………..this week in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 16.07.2022

Episode #171

So, who really is the Alpha Male? Is it the dominant male animal in a particular Group? You know, that boring loud ponce at the party. He shakes your hand but doesn’t look you in the eye. And he plays up like a second hand lawnmower! Well our one this week is different, pure Italian class and has the name of Romeo.

Yes the beautiful 1969 1750 GTV Alpha Romeo to be precise, and we drive him on New Zealand’s Coromandel .

Keeping with the art form of motorcars we look at Automobiles as Art as well this week.

All things bright and beautiful... this week in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 09.07.2022

Episode #170

(Information pending)

Original broadcast date 02.07.2022

Episode #169

The Beatles' first album in 1962, Please Please Me had the single “Do You Want To Know A Secret” What does that have in common with Elon Musk I hear you say? Well, today we talk about the secrets that Tesla doesn’t want you to know, if you promise not to tell.

As well we have a guy who really does have designs on himself, he is an Australian and he his Head of Design at BMW Shanghai, no luck involved here just sheer talent. Calvin Luk, what is his story...this week on 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 25.06.2022

Episode #168

When you answer the question by saying MacDonalds, you have been asked the wrong question. The Hume from Melbourne to Sydney and the choice of where to stop to eat when you don’t want the Golden Arches or KFC or Spanish Chicken revenge, we have got the solution dished up.

We take the road to Sydney and we give you the places to eat along the way with the help of the SMH Good Food Guide, the need to know stops are all pulled out also talking of food we complete our lunch with Tony Brooks...this week in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 18.06.2022

Episode #167

If its Country Music is Garth Brooks. If it’s the Blues then its Lonnie Brooks. If it’s the US Cavalry its Joe Brooks, remember F Troop? If its Comedy it’s the wonderful Mel Brooks.

But if you want speed, racing and fast Ferrari’s its Tony Brooks, yes we are at lunch today with F1 Legend Tony Brooks. Pass the Tortellini Tony...this week in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 11.06.2022

Episode #166

We hit the black top this episode with a road trip, not just any road trip and not just any car either.

It’s the great country that is the Raglan and Waikato Cost on the North island of New Zealand.

And we drive this trip in the brand new Chevrolet Corvette V8. A few have been sent to Australia, and we got one...this week in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 04.06.2022

Episode #165

Great myths of the world continue to enchant us.

The Loch Ness Monster, The Yeti and his hairy Himalayan mates, The Gold of Eldorado, Paradise Lost, Leprechauns, the Phoenix and closer to home the Bunyip and the Kiwi Taniwha to name just a few, we today we have some great automotive myths...this week in 30 Laps!

Also, up, up and away in the brand-new campervan from VW and Jaygo. No longer a Kombi with a mattress on the floor, this is sheer luxury on 4 wheels...This week on 30 Laps!

Original broadcast date 28.05.2022

Episode #164

Who is your favorite Clark? Petula Clark? Dave Clark, apparently there were 5 of them? Clark Kent ? Guy Clark? (I love his music!!)

Well mine is the great Scotsman Jim Clark…….this week on 30 Laps.

Yep lets look at some of the cars he drove in his tragically short time with us mere mortals of the motoring world.

Plus we better have a look at our the war in Ukraine is effecting car production...this week in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 21.05.2022

Episode #163

Some more great combinations this week:

Top Hat and Tails, Twin Set & Pearls, Waders and Fly Rod, Audrey and that Black Dress, Levi and Strauss, well, we have another Levi to talk about.

The fast woman and the Statesman, that’s a good combination too, lets find out about race driver Dorothy Levi and Holden’s Statesman fit for a Queen, that’s ahead...this week in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 14.05.2022

Episode #162

Bellbottom trousers, Peaky Blinders haircuts ,hip hop and paisley shirts, all trends through the years, so lets catch up on the big transportation trends.

Keeping up with all things modern, hey remember the Kombi Van??, lets meet is electric grandson or maybe granddaughter, ahead this week in 30 Laps

Original broadcast date 07.05.2022

Episode #161

Its coming up to May which means it Monaco Grand Prix time, best race place on the calendar, history, skill and speed.

The scenery is suburb and the people watching is top of the list. So let’s look at one of the greats, he loved Monaco and Monaco loved him, the great, late Graham Hill.

What’s in a name??, well we look at some cars named after people...this week on 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 30.04.2022

Episode #160

When I was young fella, back in the days before Paul McCartney sung about being 64, my dear mother used to say “Gently Bentley” when I got a bit carried away.

Well we go back in time today and drive the wonderful Derby Bentley.

Lets also tick all the boxes around electric vehicles too, which one? How much? New or used? Batteries? Charging? We have it all...this week in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 23.04.2022

Episode #159

Famous name, forgotten racer: A male American sports hero and female TV personality, Caitlyn Jenner looks back on time spent as a leading light on the US racing scene.

Also, a classic Rolls Royce sets an electric lap record, that should spark your interest.

No keeping up with Kardashians here, we passed them all a long way back………this week on 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 16.04.2022

Episode #158

Trains, Planes and Automobiles was a good comedy to gaze at in these troubled times.

Today we have Trains, Brains and Automobiles and Tony Gaze, who?? Well let’s find out.

The best job in the world, err, well, the best jobs in the 30 Laps World that is, so what are they??? Let’s go through them as well………….this week in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 09.04.2022

Episode #157

This week we have a great, inspiring story out of Germany, Munich, BMW and the Australian woman who made the BMW change color.

Keeping it colorful this week, how about Maharajas and Maharanis?

Lets dive into the motoring scene in India, it is like a great tasting curry, influences from every where………this week in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 02.04.2022

Episode #156

Can’t get a new car because of the chip shortage or the effects on the pandemic?

Well how about a used one, a classic perhaps, well be prepared to dig deep.

As well from a couple of weeks ago, how does that Hybrid battery work??

Plus the great designers and their greatest creations, classics, creations and battery power…………this week in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 26.03.2022

Episode #155

Back in time in the aviation world we had Pam Am, “ Makes The Going Great” , well at least until their demise in 1991. 31 years ago, can you believe that?

In the motoring world it was Can Am, “Makes the Going Fast”.

This was a series with 2 Races in Canada (CAN) and 4 races in the USA (AM), we discuss 1 of the best drivers , Kiwi Deni Hulme, also, who is really paying for all the investment in electric vehicles……..This week in 30 laps.

Original broadcast date 19.03.2022

Episode #154

One of the great songs from The Band’s first studio album “Music From Big Pink” in 1968 was “The Weight.” Well, we have our own wait in Australia at present. The Wait for a new car. Also, if you have waited too long to clean your car, it could become The Big Stink, we have that covered too.............This week in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 12.03.2022

Episode #153

Volunteers have been in existence since Adam was a boy. 2RPH couldnt survive without em.

Mouseketeers! well, they started in 1955.

Pioneers have been opening up just about everything since time began and mutineers have been taking over, boats and ships since the 1400’s

In motorsport we have Privateers, what they heck to they do?

Also don't do it!! Several things you should never do to your car at any cost.

From riding the clutch to paying your own way....this week in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 05.03.2022

Episode #152

Fads, we have seen them come and go, from plastic Crocs shoes to Lance Armstrong’s “Live Strong” Bracelet, from the Macarena to Fidget Spinners and we can’t forget the wonderful Mexican Jumping Beans or where did I put my Pet Rock??

This week we have fads from the wonderful world of motoring.

Ahuriri is Maori name for Napier, that wonderful Art Deco town on New Zealand’s North Island. Well we are not going there this week but we are driving a pre Art Deco 1904 Napier L48 motor car around the streets of Sydney…………this week in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 26.02.2022

Episode #151

A Study in Scarlett written in 1887 by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle introduced a new character into the rough plotlines, Ormond Sacker, as Sherlock Holmes’s associate, by the time the book was published Conan Doyle changed his name to Dr John Watson and the rest was history err or elementary.

This week we meet another John Watson, Doctor of Speed, the great English F1 Driver and fisherman.

Also Rolls Royce and Bentley break sales records in CoVid, ………..this week in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 19.02.2022

Epidose #150

This week, we have all heard of the Mustang, the car not the fighter aircraft, well how about 10 things you didn’t know about the Mustang, well we have got them this week.

Also following on from Colin McRae last week we have another story about a very fast Englishman who burned brightly for a short time then decided sheep and Arabian horses were more his pace……….as you do…………this week in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 12.02.2022

Episode #149

The People’s Champion, that’s what they called him, a very fast Scot in the Dirt, that’s what they called him, the off road magician, that’s what they called him, “who?” Colin McRae, rally around and I will tell you his story.……….this week in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 05.02.2022

Episode #148

The 30 Laps library dept. have a book review this week, on the history of the Antipodeans competing at motor sports highest level. Just the thing to ease back into the working year, a book about not easing back on anything. Also, a look at the sublime Jaguar S Type, this week in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 29.01.2022

Episode #147

This week is all about daredevils, from Number 1 in the top ten of the world to all us pet owners who travel in cars with our pets. Evil Knievel, his bikes and boasts, we look back on his career leap by leap. Travelling with our pets, we look forward to the daredevil in all of us, in the car with our furry friends and how to arrive safely at your destination with all passengers, human and furry, happy……this week in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 22.01.2022

Episode #146

We had such a nice drive last week in that old Roller, how about we go away again this week? To the place of Glistening Waters in New Zealand’s Wairarapa Region, in the brand new Genesis SUV...this week in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 15.01.2022

Episode #145

How about a Southern NSW Road Trip in a Rolls Royce Phantom V? Well we have just the thing…This week in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 08.01.2022

Episode #144

Let's look at the cars of Clint Eastwood, and take a look at the F1 in the Emerald City...this week in 30 Laps

Original broadcast date 01.01.2022

Episode #143

We spoke a couple of weeks ago about the NZL F1 driver Dennis Hulme or as he was known, Bear or Deni. And we all know about Deni Hines, and if she drove a race car, she too, would get a mention, but she doesn’t so she won’t, we have another Deni…

A historic motor museum in Denililquin no less, or Deni as she is known to her many mates in the Riverina. Oh, and the history of MG as well...this week on 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 25.12.2021

Episode #142

This week, the ultimate child’s Christmas present, for the mini 007 in your family a little Aston to spin around in……this week in 30 Laps.

Also, as No Time to Die has finally hit the screens, the 30 Laps research team have been hard at work, checking out the 10 best Bond cars………this week in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 18.12.2021

Episode #141

Hornblower and Bush, Sonny & Cher, Ratty & Mole, Pooh and Piglet, Hawkeye and Chingachgook, Richthofen and Voss, Nickleby and Smike, great partnerships and mentors………..this week in 30 Laps.

We hear about a great F1 relationship from 66 years ago, Fangio and Moss, what was their story?

Also, in the footsteps of a famous spy, what a trip that would be…….this week in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 11.12.2021

Episode #140

Today we talk Nash. Not the poet Ogden Nash, or the original voice of Donald Duck, Clarence Nash, or for that matter Johnny Nash or even Graham Nash, it’s the Motor Company Nash. Gone and mostly forgotten. Also still very much alive is the prestige motoring marc Rolls Royce, they are getting on the electric band wagon, let's check that out…this week in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 04.12.2021

Episode #139

Just as those famous Boys from The Beach sang all those years ago, Round, Round, Round, Round, I get Around, well, we get around on 30 Laps. From a cold bus in Fairbanks Alaska to Melbourne for the 6 Ages of Driving to Argentina to meet a famous but moody F1 driver from the 70’s and early 80’s, this week in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 27.11.2021

Episode #138

We have the good news about an Australian electric motorbike getting funding to proceed local manufacturing. Also, we go touring the NSW Central West in a Nissan. And the ex-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosen, with his cheeky escape from Japan in his own words… this week in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 20.11.2021

Episode #137

Last week we spoke about gentleman spies, this week we talk about 2 real gentlemen. We start with HRH Prince Charles and his Cheese and Wine powered Aston Martin. How can we top that? Well how about the man they just called “Bear”, Dennis Clive Hulme. The Prince and the Bear, Majesty and Motueka in one episode…this week in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 13.11.2021

Episode #136

Today we have Part 2 of our trip exploring the Great Ocean Road through the Otway Rangers, In our Turbo Ford Focus. Also, who was that suave spy who came before James Bond, Jason Bourne, Johnny English and even Hanna-Barbera’s Secret Squirrel and Morocco Mole? Well, he was called The Saint, so let’s drive his cars…this week in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 06.11.2021

Episode #135

It looks as though we just might be able to travel again, well within certain States anyway. It’s a definite maybe, so let looks at saving fuel on those long- awaited road trips……this week on 30 Laps. Talking of road trips, lets look at a great one we may/may not be able to do, in Victoria, in a Ford Focus RS no less, why the Ford, well, after the year we have had, we can’t look back, we must look Ford…….this week………in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 30.10.2021

Episode #134

Dakar, the capital of Senegal and Paris the capital of France, both steeped in mystery and wonder. Mark Thatcher the son of the British PM of the Time, enfant terrible, he too steeped in mystery and wonder, so where why are we going in this direction…………this week in 30 Laps. Well the connection is the most dangerous few days in each year in the world motoring calendar, The Paris to Dakar Rally, and Mark, well, as you will hear, he went in another direction in more ways than one. Add to this the greatest barn find missed from last time and we “Rally” to bring you a good show…………this week on 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 23.10.2021

Episode #133

Well this week, we are not looking through the Looking Glass with Lewis Carroll. It's not All in the Family with Carroll O’Connor either. And we laughed with Carol Burnett, but not this week, this is a motoring show… Instead, we go flat out with American Motor Racing Royalty, a mighty quick spin around the block with the late, Mr Shelby... Mr Carroll Shelby that is. Plus, and a big English Barn find, all ahead this week in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 16.10.2021

Episode #132

The rocket man is selling his Ferrari! Let's have a look at Elton John's beautiful 365GTB in all its glory. And keeping with the psychedelic, we learn about car makers who go wild with paint treatments. You too could be a Honky Cat drinking Elderberry Wine in the 365…this week in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 09.10.2021

Episode #131

We recently talked about fancy gifts from automakers, like that saddle from Maserati, what a hoot… well how about a bobsled with your new BMW, or a sausage perhaps with your new VW? Random things made by car-makers, this week in 30 Laps. Plus, going full throttle with a Q&A with Top Fuel Drag Racer, Peter Xiberras.

Original broadcast date 02.10.2021

Episode #130

The Driving Force (no pun intended) behind every good band is the drummer: Pete Best, John Bonham, Keith Moon, Stuart Copeland, the late great Charlie Watts...

Well, let’s look at the golden age of the rear engine car for the same reason. They sat behind and kept everything in time. Also, the most expensive Falcon ever, this week in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 25.09.21

Episode #129

They say a mule is a horse designed by a committee, much like a Mulard or a Zubron, or perhaps the Electric Light Orchestra or the wonderful Gracelands by Paul Simon, they are all hybrids, let's talk Car Hybrids, how the heck do they work………this week in 30 Laps.

Also, Electric Lambos by 2024, Lamborghini have always named their vehicles after famous Spanish Fighting Bulls, or people or places connected with corrida de toros.

But Plug in Lambos? well that is the truth, no bull, oh and Donald Campbell speeds through the studio…………..this week in 30 laps.

Original broadcast date 18.09.2021

Episode #128

Rockstars and their cars have always been an interesting combination, and they change their cars a lot. Let's flip through them like “Tumbling Dice”. Let's see their quest for “Satisfaction”... We'll take our pickup truck painted green and blue, to the “Memory Motel”, where we are just “Waiting on a Friend”, we'll switch to the “Black Limousine” and start “Slippin Away”. The cars of the Rolling Stones, this week on 30 Laps…

Original broadcast date 11.09.2021

Episode #127

We spend a lot of time on 4 wheels on this show, but let's go to two wheels this week, and talk about American motorbike royalty... Mr. Harley and Mr. Davidson to be precise. A rolling retrospective, this week in 30 Laps...

Original broadcast date 07.08.2021

Episode #126

Did you always want to be in the Top 10 once in your life? Well you may be driving one of these, in the Kiwi Top 10. Plus, the Marquis of Bute, the recently late Johnnie Dumfries, the fastest (the only) Marquis in Formula 1. He won Le Mans too. Let's hear his story…this week in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 31.07.2021

Episode #125

Richard Lyon can tell you about some famous cars and where they are now. Also, a plug in Aventador perhaps and the Japanese car makers racing to put a spark in their step and join the electric race…this week in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 24.07.2021

Episode #124

Well, words from the Five Man Electrical Band, 1970 Album Good Byes and Butterflies:

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

Blockin' out the scenery, breakin' my mind

Do this, don't do that, can't you read the sign?

We look at signs, this week…..on 30 Laps. To be precise it's road rules from around the world, they are sure to include signs.

Original broadcast date 17.07.2021

Episode #123

Today we look at hostility and greatness in the same program.

Electric Cars are hostile in Australia and Murray Walker and Sabine Schmitz are greatness………this week in 30 laps.

Murray and his “Pants on Fire” F1 Commentaries were legendary, and Sabine?

She was just plain fast, just how we like 'em….this week in 30 laps

Original broadcast date 03.07.2021

Episode #122

The name Hilton, what does that conjure up? The late Senator John McCain? He was a guest of the Hanoi Hilton Perhaps the Pisa hotel, the Tilting Hilton? Paris Hilton ? ……not on this show. Well, we have the HiAce Hilton, this week on 30 Laps. Lets go to the best value motor parks in New Zealand in a 1978 Toyota HiAce Hilton Motorhome. Also, let's review the new Ferrari SF90 Plug In Hybrid whilst we drive around Aotearoa. I bet Paris Hilton will buy one. Old campervan, brand new Ferrari, sublime and ridiculous, this week in 30 Laps. Oh, and a great trip to the Land of the Long White Cloud.

Original broadcast date 26.06.2021

Episode #121

Lowrider Cars in the open space in Mexico this week. Plus outer space specialist talks about wireless charging for EV’s. We have gone all Rocketman, this week in 30 Laps. Not only, but also, your next Uber ride could be a battery powered one. Take that electric uber to the Space Port, there’s a Starman waitin in the skies…………… This week in 30 laps.

Original broadcast date 19.06.2021

Episode #120

From the gas that brought us the Hindenburg, lets look at the Hydrogen Powered Car that could be on sales in Australia within a couple of years, this week……………in 30 Laps.

Lets look at Hydrogen itself, and the Hindenburg Disaster too, it wasn’t a car, but it was an interesting story, and that is what we are about this week. Not so such much an explosion, more of a shock, some cars that shocked the world, we will cover or uncover those as well.

Floating like an airship or sinking like a stone, all cars, all this week…………….in 30 laps.

Original broadcast date 12.06.2021

Episode #119

The car racing Beach Boys of Daytona Beach, well they are a bit like the real Beach Boys, they no longer really exist today, so lets get their story……………this week in 30 Laps.

Also, from “The Australian” John Connolly talks about the BMW fantastic fire starters, what in the blazers is that all about? Lets catch that before we catch fire, we have sand in our toes and sparks in our step……….this week in 30 Laps

Original broadcast date 05.06.2021

Episode #118

Debut of the Fastest Clark in History, he was true motorsport royalty.

Petula Clark ?, no, she sounded the best.

Peter Russell Clark? No, he tasted the best.

Manning Clark ? no, he read the best

Clark Gable ? no, he looked the best

Clark Terry ? no, his horn was the best (and sweetest)

It’s the great, the fastest, the humble, the extraordinary, Jim Clark…….This week in 30 laps.

Also KTell hooked on classics, the ones we missed from a couple of weeks ago.

Original broadcast date 29.05.2021

Episode #117

If this was a food show we would certainly talk about Haute Cuisine.

However is not, its about cars of course, so this week we talk about Haute Wheels.

Money is no object, well let’s dream…………this week on 30 Laps.

Have you ever dreamed of playing football like Maradona?

We have the next best thing, his Porsche 911, lets kick that around a bit.

And we look at a couple of the Brightest Stars who have recently gone out, leaving the motoring world all too soon.

Football Royalty, fancy cars and 2 of the best gone too fast…………this week on 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 22.05.2021

Episode #116

“Geez he must be quick that bloke”


“Jean-Pierre Wimille, so quick he was Fangio’s hero”

“Tell me more……… this week in 30 Lap’s”

Let’s look at Pablo Escobar’s Porsche too as it goes up for sale.

Japans car makers are in for shock, let’s check that out.

Shocks to about Tesla and their self-driving claims.

Infamous cars, infamous claims and a little-known genius,

What a week, this week………….in 30 Laps

Original broadcast date 15.05.2021

Episode #115

Remember that old catch phase “Not only that but you get a free set of steak knives to go with it”

Yes, we all love a good piece of merchandise, a life style brand they call it.

So what about those fancy car give a ways………this week in 30 Laps.

How about that Porsche Ice Tray or that saddle from Maserati??......seriously a saddle.

Plus, Dune Bug Royalty obituary and driverless buses in Malaga, Ole.

Add to that, Hummer joins the Army, and if we have time, you may be old enough to remember K-tel, well, we are “Hooked on Classics” yep, ten bad classic cars we all still love.……

This week on 30 Laps.

We cover all bases these week ……………in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 08.05.2021

Episode #114

What did Ugandan President Idi Amin say, all those years ago??

“I’ve sold my E Type Jaguar and bought an F Type Rhinoceros “

Well, we have a look his E Type Jag, or more accurately, THE E Type Jaguar…. this week in 30 Laps

Also, the Cherokee Nation want their name back, so show some respect Mr Jeep, talking of off roaders lets meet the Grenadier, the new age Defender some might say. It really is a tow, row row row row, to those British Grenadiers…this week in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 01.05.2021

Episode #113

Flying car 2
This week on 30 Laps.
..they laughed at Wilber when he said he could make Orville fly in 1903 at Kitty Hawk. They were hesitant about Neville Shute and some of his Airship calculations in around 1925, yes that Neville Shute, smart man read Slide Rule. And what’s this about a Jet Engine they asked Frank Whittle in 1928?  Where the heck is this going?? Well, we have our first Flying Car certified by the FAA, that’s where. Plus – Flying Mini’s and Daredevil Drivers, and the Chips that help us see. Flying Cars, Daredevils and Chips but no Fish..  

Episode #112 

Joe Jackson REV 3199bbf48f 3
Faster & Faster, this week in 30 Laps
 it's all about the break. Breakfast at Sweet Hearts - no Cold Chisel. Breaking Us in Two – Joe Jackson is out too. Take Five - that’s a break but no break for Dave Brubeck. Break Down, well Tom Petty unfortunately did in 201.7
Nope, its breaking the sound barrier, this week in 30 Laps……or did he?? Also we meet Australia’s next Mark Webber or Daniel Riccardo.
A young man in a hurry that’s Oscar!

Episode #111 

Alpha spider 2
This week in 30 laps
- it all happened in 1976! Concorde entered service cutting transatlantic flying time to 3.5 hours. Apple kicked off with Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak. The first laser printer was introduced by IBM the IBM3800. NASA unveiled the first space shuttle, the Enterprise. Paul Simon released 50 Ways to leave your lover. Mr Bowie had a hit with Golden Years. Ditto Thin Lizzy with The Boys are Back in Town. 
And this Alfa was built.. the 1976 Alfa Spider.

Episode #110

Its down the Murray...this week in 30 Laps

and, we go down the Murray, Wentworth to Albury by houseboat and by Aston Martin.

Not any Aston Martin, THE Aston Martin, James Bond’s DB6 no less, shakin and stirred...
Original broadcast date 03.04.2021

Episode #109

Those great combinations return this week:

Spaghetti and Bolognese

Frankenstein and Igor

Nelson and Hardy

Yogi and Boo Boo

Huntly and Palmers

And the connection is where ?……..this week in 30 Laps

Well it is Italian, and it is fast, and it is motorsport.

Its Andretti and Monza, the year is 1968, that’s Amore. This week in 30 laps.

Nelson and Hardy?? – well, Sir Thomas Masterman Hardy was flag captain to Admiral Nelson, and he commanded Nelson’s flagship HMS Victory at the Battle of Trafalgar in October 1805. They were both pacing the deck when the good Admiral was shot and as Nelson lay dying the famous remark of “Kiss me Hardy” was directed at his great friend Thomas Hardy.

And in shocking news this week, the story of Tesla, a story from the volt, if you will. Andretti, Monza, Tesla, what could possibly go wrong...

Original broadcast date 27.03.2021

Episode #108

Time Flies Like an Arrow

Fruit Flies like a Banana – I believe we have a double entendre.

That will fit in well with the double act we have this week…………. on 30 Laps

Yes, not only do we look at time flying through a very valuable time piece or two, we also look at one of the owners who wore his watch in a movie about a race. A race at Le Mans in France, it could make you go through those old boxes at home looking for that old Tissot your Dad gave you all those years ago. The couple we talk about are considered two of the holy grails of watches in motorsport.

Talking about that, we also look at some Australian race cars also considered in the holy grail stakes.

Rolex, Tag Heuer, Le Mans and the Holy Grail, how’s that for 30 minutes worth?

This week in 30 laps………….

Original broadcast date 20.03.21

Episode #107

When someone says Monaro to you, what do you this about?

Mike Kelly?? Geez I hope not, no politics in this half hour

The Monaro Plain?



Somewhere cool and pleasant, after all Monaro means high plateau or high plain in its Aboriginal origins.

This is a motoring show, so it’s the GM Classic Monaro, this week in 30 Laps…..

Let's look at the Monaro in Australia’s motoring history.

And let’s take it around some of the best drives around Melbourne to get ready for our “in country “travel escapades, this week in 30 Laps…………….

Original broadcast date 13.03.2021

Episode #106

Fly Me to the Moon - Frank

Fly Like an Eagle – Steve Miller Band

I think I Might Fly Down to Rio – Mike Nesmith

Expecting To Fly – Buffalo Springfield

Sparks Will Fly – The Rolling Stones

Fly In My Soup – Spike Milligan………..err hang on, what this all about this week in 30 Laps…………..

We look at 10 interesting features from the world of Military Aviation, that made our humble car safer.

Also GM to go Electric by 2035, lets get across that this week.

The Sparks are Flying, This Week in 30 Laps…………………………

Original broadcast date 06.03.2021

Episode #105


e bring you this news flash this week.

• Tay Road Bridge opens in Scotland

• The Beatles play their very last concert

• The Action Man toy figure is launched

• The Jules Rimet trophy is stolen while on exhibition in London

The solid gold trophy – soon to be held aloft by Bobby Moore at Wembley – was stolen from a stamp exhibition at Westminster Central Hall in March, but later found wrapped in newspaper in a London garden by Pickles the dog.

What’s this all about this week in 30 laps I here you ask………….

Well, these all happened in 1966, another great occasion in the same year was the production of the quite beautiful Lamborghini Muira P400, released at the Geneva Motor show in 1966, so let’s drive it…. this week in 30 laps.

Oh, and the Jules Rimet Trophy is better known as the Football World Cup.

Original broadcast date 27.02.2021

Episode #104 - Urban Dictionary

Danger, Will Robinson!

Phrase uttered by Robot B9 from the TV series "Lost in Space". Used now as a catchphrase to warn someone that s/he is about to do something really stupid and/or downright dangerous.

Where is all this going……this week on 30 Laps

Well, its not an emergency and its not danger unless you drive to fast for the conditions and it’s not from the United States, it from Stuttgart and it’s not 9-1-1, its 911, The Porsche 911, a brief history……………….this week on 30 laps

Original broadcast date 20.02.2021

Episode #103

The Rolling Stones name came from an album by the great Muddy Waters, one of the tracks was Rolling Stone, according to Keith Richards.

Led Zeppelin got their name from a humorous conversation from several musicians saying they would go down like a led balloon.

Dire Straits got their name from the postion there were all in in the early days.

Connection? well when they toured the US East Coast, they all rode in a Cadillac, how did that get its name? ………………this week in 30 Laps. What’s in a name.

One more ??, ok, Andy Newman got his nickname from his idiosyncratic approach to playing his keyboards, Andy Newman became………. Thunderclap Newman.

Czech Mate!, we have that covered too.

All the inside info this week on 30 Laps……………

Original broadcast date 13.02.2021

Episode #102

Richard of York, 3rd Duke of York

Johann Sebastian Bach

Jacques Cousteau

Martin Sheen

Add speed and you get, Keke Roberg, Graham Hill, Al User.

All famous men who had sons who went on to make a name for themselves in their own right.

So lets look at a new driver in F1 in 2021, Mick Schumacher, this week in 30 laps.

Original broadcast date 06.02.2021

Episode #101

“Oh, you don’t know the shape I’m in”

The chorus from the great song of the same name by The Band. It’s all to do with shape this week.

So what sort of shape is that? You may well ask……………this week on 30 Laps.

Let’s find out about shapes, curves and coefficient and why designers shape their cars like they do.

Aerodynamics on the road you might say.

Also, Lets go south of the boarder down Mexico way, let’s look at the great race that was the Mexico GP of 1990.The science of beautiful shape and Flying Burrito Brothers ………. this week at 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 30.01.2021

Episode #100

Hey, this is the 100th Episode of 30 Laps with Dick

Where did all that time go? Ha let’s look forward not back.

This week an old favorite

G-Granville! How do you spell ppppppp Pepper is it 6 p’s or 7?

Arkwright: I can see that on the side of a lorry-Ark-Ark-Arkwright’s Fai-fai-fai-famous Ter ter ter Treacle Ter ter ter Toffee.

Granville: You’ll never get all that on the side of a lorry

Let’s go to Yorkshire this 100th week of 30 Laps…………….

Yes let’s go for a drive in Gladys Emmanuel’s Morris Minor

Original broadcast date 23.01.2021

Episode #99

Buzz words this week in early 2021, maybe THE buzz word in the Motor Industry this year, and we at 30 Laps are all over it. PHEV for sure, you bet……. what’s a PHEV 30 Laps??

Stick with me and I’ll tell you.

Classics up for grabs, well perhaps it doesn’t hurt to dream…………. especially on this show, grab your motoring dreams and let’s do a few laps around these beauties, a quintet of desires you might say.

And, one of the best car story tellers ever, my Dad, it’s his Birthday today, he is 106 , at least he would have been if……………………….

Oh, and talking about pursuits, …………. well we were in February this year, how about the info from the great car chases in the movies?? Seat belts on and tight, let’s go……………this week in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 16.01.2021

Episode #98

Hey, this week we go undercover to a secret location somewhere in the Northern Circle. Just like the International Sneaky Service’s Agent 000, Secret Squirrel and Morocco Mole in their endless hunt for “The Masked Granny” and her laser knitting needles.

Deep undercover driving a Volvo Police Car on a frozen lake this week on 30 laps…..

What about that Alfa then, why oh why do we have this burning desire to drink from the Alpha Cup, ok, so lets look at buying that Alfa and with John Connolly, become an Alfaholic, hic….my shout this week…..0n 30 Laps

Original broadcast date 09.01.2021

Episode #97

Happy New Year

This is the future, so let’s start with the future in the automobile world. The evolution of the revolution that is electric vehicles or EV’s in modern tongue.

We look at a new kid on the block, well, I guess they are all new kids on the block, but let’s look at Porsche’s great new Taycan, its electrifying, this week on 30 Laps.

Also, Riccardo has opted for the Kiwi and passed up the opportunity to mount the Prancing Horse in Maranello, lets get a giddy up and found out about that.

Sparks, Germans, Italians and Kiwis, this week at 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 2nd January 2021

Episode #96

Boxing day is a six pack day, we go one better at 30 Laps this week, 6 Pack plus 1.

Even more important it is a salute to the wonderful woman of motor sport.

To compete in a male dominated domain, the woman have to be twice as good and usually are.

Green Flag to these ladies this week………..

Six of the best in these modern times and the + one is the first woman to grid up with the blokes in F1. Even Fangio said she drove fast……….lets go around Monaco in a Maserati with Maria Teresa de Filippis, …….hell yes, this week in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 26 December 2020

Episode #95

Speedsters old and new this week.

With the recent victory in the GP in Portugal, Lewis Hamilton surpassed the great Michael Schumacher’s number of GP wins. With that victory Lewis now has 92 wins, that’s a 35.11% success rate compared to Michael at 29.55%, fewer races too, well race entries that is. Lewis 262, Michael 308.

So, let’s look at Michael’s very last 91st GP win this week in 30 Laps…………

Yes, we go back to 2006 and Shanghai.

Yikes lets look at a supercar bingle that cost a pretty penny.

And, John Connolly delivers the end of year report card on the motor industry, Mokes, Flying Bikes and a car worse than a 30 Laps Favourite the Trabant…………. all up ahead around the corner in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date 19 December 2020.

Episode #94

How about we do lunch again? Great idea! I though you would never ask, so let's do lunch with an aristocratic motor mouth in this week's episode. We go to lunch with Sir John Whitmore, who we don't know much about but that's why we've selected him. We also look at the Slot Car Set that could match Rod Stewart’s model railway, which was sold recently.

Original broadcast date: 12 December 2020

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Episode #93

How about we do lunch again? Great idea! I though you would never ask, so let's do lunch with an aristocratic motor mouth in this week's episode. We go to lunch with Sir John Whitmore, who we don't know much about but that's why we've selected him. We also look at the Slot Car Set that could match Rod Stewart’s model railway, which was sold recently.

Original broadcast date: 5 December 2020

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Episode #89

Street Racers and Ghost Squads this week under the cover and in darkness in South Africa. A story you don't want to miss from the streets of Cape Town. Staying with the ghost scheme, you could own the Lincoln JFK used in Fort Worth Texas on the morning of November 22, before flying on to Dallas and his untimely demise. We take a look at that, plus some other strange presidential items.

Feel the rockets red glare in this episode of 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date: 7 November 2020

Episode #88

If you ever planned to motor west
Travel my way, take the highway that’s the best
Get your kicks on Route 66

Written by Bobby Troup in 1946 - while driving west to LA to seek his fortune - and made famous by Nat King Cole in the same year (and then just about everyone else after that: Chuck, Berry, Perry Como, Bing and of course the Rolling Stones). This applies to us in this week's show as we go 3600 miles on Route 66 in a 1929 Model A - even the bad motel beds were good on that journey.

Over to the UK, we look at British supercar maker McLaren, who are selling their dream factory in Woking, and we explore the first electric vehicle forecourt.

Plus, how can you drive a car named after pepper, is it hot? That’s Cayenne in French Guiana, not as in pepper, but let’s take it as a condiment anyway.
Cars named after places, let’s have a look shall we... all in 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date: 31 October 2020

Episode #87

In this episode, we look at the Vietnamese businessman who bought the Holden Testing Ground at Lang Lang in Victoria. And we take the new Aston Martin SUV for a spin in the dirt.

Plus motoring by subscription, the new buzz words.

Original broadcast date: 24 October 2020

Episode #86

We have a Williams special this week. No not Andy Williams, or even Robin Williams, bless him, not John Williams, no Star Wars themes this week, not even Vanessa or Serena, it’s a Williams you may not know about and a Williams with a very fast team. We take a look at the famous Williams F1 team, and the sale of the team to the Americans. We also find time for the story of the soured relationship between GM and their HSV Dealers from a couple of weeks ago.

Original broadcast date: 17 October 2020

Episode #85

What is a Tainted Seaman? Someone who stayed up on deck too long in the sun? How about a Pirate or a Buccaneer? Or perhaps a sailor with a dodgy past? 

Day after day, day after day,
We stuck, nor breath nor motion;
As idle as a painted ship
Upon a painted ocean.Water, water, every where,
And all the boards did shrink;
Water, water, every where,
Nor any drop to drink. We have our very own tainted seaman on 30 Laps with Dick.

Dick Seaman... so what’s his story? Find out in this week's episode. 

Original broadcast date: 10 October 2020

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Episode #84

Ah…. those great love stories - Henry VIII and ……. whoops bad start! Well, how about Horatio Nelson and Emma Hamilton/Burton and Taylor/Dylan and Caitlin Thomas; Virginia Woolf and Vita Sackville; West/Winston and Clementine/Chopin; and Amantine Lucile Aurore Dupin, a.k.a., George Sand/Morecambe and Wise……… enough already, some of these were great British love stories. And, how about the great British love story with the Ford Capri in this week's 30 Laps. And like Phil and Don Everly, we bring you another relationship that went very sour, that between GM and their HSV Dealer Group.

Original broadcast date: 3 October 2020

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Episode #83

I was there when it all went down. How many times have you heard that? So today, I was there at Monza in 1971 at the Italian Grand Prix when... Stay tuned to find out in this week's 30 Laps. We'll also take a look at World Ambulance Day, which was in August; EVs in New Zealand, and the good steps they are taking; and the Australian version and the 'no' steps they are taking.

Original broadcast date: 26 September 2020

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Episode #82

It was the best of times, and it was the worst of times. It was the age of wisdom, and... it was the age of foolishness. Ah those famous opening words to A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens in 1875. Well today we have 'A Tale of Two Quarries' not from London or Paris, but Wellington, New Zealand. What the Dickens is that all about? 

Plus, what is putting a spark in the NZ elections next month? Are EVs on the hustings, or is it just a volt from the blue?

Excavators, GPS and electric cars in the poles, knowing where to dig for power, this week on 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date: 19 September 2020

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Episode #81

We have heard of celebrations but how about a car worth $12.6 million? Super slick Ronaldo from soccer club Juventus FC, just ordered a new set of wheels to celebrate the team’s title win, or yet another title win to be precise. In this week's 30 Laps, we take a gander at his new wheels.

While we're on football, how about football boots fit for a king, a Tudor King; The Tudor King Henry himself pass the pill your Majesty (only when you are ready). No supercars in 1525, but you could still put the boot in. If you take 1285 from 1525 you get 240, so let’s look at the Datsun 240Z while we're in the number neighbourhood.

Footy players, footy boots and the Z car, Hampton Court to Piedmont all in this week's episode.

Original broadcast date: 12 September 2020

Episode #80

Temperatures are rising, so we take a look at the cars to drive in warmer weather. Some are convertibles, some are expensive, some are sexy, so let's explore the warmer weather 'tourers'.

Next, if you lived in the East End which lies east of the Roman and medieval walls of the City of London and north of the River Thames, and you lent up against the Aldgate Pump, you would be a cockney, wouldn’t cha? You would likely call a toupee or hairpiece a syrup.

Syrup of Figs = Wig, me old shiner. London, Paris Peckham apples all covered from Aldgate Pump to Artarmon in this week's 30 Laps.

Sticking wif the London scene, “ow about a Dodger then?" Not the Artful Dodger, but a story wiv a twist, so to speak.

Avoid the dodgers and let’s have a few pointers on looking to buy a classic. We look at some of the advice from The Australian's John Connally. And lastly, a couple more limousines from last week's episode.

Original broadcast date: 5 September 2020

Episode #79

In the best 70s tradition, we are still at lunch this week. It's part two of our date with Derek Bell, so let’s find out what happened after the end of his F1 career. Things went well in his endurance racing, he was free to devote his time to long distance racing - a Liberty Bell you might say - so, let’s have another bottle of the Perrier water Derek and crack on in this week's 30 Laps. And finally, we go home from lunch in the limo. We take a look at the limo - what it is and what were the great ones. Is it The Beast or perhaps the Pink Hummer? Let's find out. 

Original broadcast date: 29 August 2020

Episode #78

Remember those days pre-Covid when we heard the cry, “let’s do lunch”? Well, let’s do lunch. We're invited to a 30 Laps lunch date with this week’s motormouth, the great British driver Derek Bell. No relation of Alexander Graham, or Taco or Tinker. He was a very fast Bell, and he’s at lunch, so pass the Hot English Derek. We also go home from lunch in the limo - take me back to the Limo Geeves. Limo, what is it and what were the great ones? Is it 'The Beast' or perhaps the 'Pink Hummer', let’s get carried away and find out in this episode of 30 Laps.

Original broadcast date: 22 August 2020

Episode #77

Black sheep are rounded up in this week's 30 Laps. Do you remember that great song, “sitting on the black sheep in the movies on a Saturday night with you”, or 'asheep at the wheel', or perhaps 'River Sheep Mountain High', not to mention “it's lovely when we are dancing sheep to sheep". Who was the black sheep in your family? I think I might have been mine, all those years ago. What do black sheep have to do with cars? Well, this week, we're exploring the black sheep of car families.

Original broadcast date: 15 August 2020

Episode #76

Andale, Andale, Epa Epi El Gringo Pussycato, yes folks Speedy Gonzales makes a quick visit to 30 Laps in this episode. From 1955 with his cousin Slowpoke Rodriguez and voiced by the wonderful Mel Blanc, Speedy has been racing around for 65 years, so sombrero’s off to him. We take a look at the original Speedy Gonzales, start a series every now and then from the British Motorsport Magazine, and discuss Froilan Gonzales, that very fast Argentinian. 

Plus, how about this for a subject? Pronouncing the most unusual car names. Now there is a challenge! Ole, and on we go.

Original Broadcast Date: 8 August 2020

Episode #75

The seven deadly sins, who can name them? Who has experienced them? Well, who would like too? That's not in our charter here at 30 Laps, so how about seven things you should do when buying a car? Much safer bet. Let's get informed in this episode. We also see what Marcel Petitjean has got that the motoring world wants, and we take a look at colour, with the red of a Ferrari and the white roof of a traditional Mini Cooper.

    Original broadcast date: 1 August 2020

    Episode #74

    The Tokyo Olympics of 2020 may not have gone ahead, just yet, but that doesn't mean we can't take a look at the vehicle designed by Toyota for transporting people around the games. Let's also have marinara with Mattia and find out the Ferrari boss’s thoughts on the truncated 2020 F1 Season - pass the chilli Mr Binotti! Since we're overseas in this week's episode, let's also go to Havana and find out why they love the Lada, the tale of an old Russian on the world stage, all-be-it a bit slower. New cars, Italian bosses and a slow trip in Cuba, how about that for diversity on 30 Laps this week.

    Original broadcast date: 25 July 2020

    Episode #73

    It's training day today at 30 Laps. Presenter Richard Lyon goes for a day at the Porsche Track - a very expensive caper, so let's read about it instead of coughing up the loot to go. Sticking with speed, he sees what John Connolly says about the late great Sterling Moss. He also covers the best-selling cars in every country that was started a couple of weeks ago.

    Episode #72

    This week, presenter Richard Lyon keeps his feet firmly in the future, with a focus on two-wheels instead of the usual four. Then, off the bike, he talks to Mr McLaren about how to succeed with a supercar company in a battlefield littered with dead supercar rivals. And, to finish off, Mike Flewitt is this week's motor mouth.

    Episode #71

    This week, presenter Richard Lyon explores future trends and perhaps even protects and predicts the world that is autonomous driving! He'll also get the self-drive lowdown for 2020 in the fully automatic 30 Laps.

    Episode #70

    It's the Top 10 motorcars and a trip to Howth County Dublin in this week's 30 Laps. Presenter Richard Lyon also takes the winner to Ireland and gets the lowdown on a bit of history.

    Episode #69

    Presenter Richard Lyon shares the story of Arch Duke Ferdinand and the car that he and his wife Sophia were in when they were assassinated in Sarajevo in 1914. We also share who else got in the backseat and did not get out... Yes, New Year's Day in 1952, in a baby blue Caddy in Oak Hill, West Virginia, and a famous country singer. All will be revealed in this week's 30 Laps. With a penchant for history this week, we also look at the cars of the most notorious leaders. An episode not to be missed!

    Episode #68

    With the recent passing of Country music legend Kenny Rogers, 30 Laps is going to talk about the gambler from our islands in the stream, perhaps look at his favourite car with That Crazy Feeling, encompassing his and its history. We could never be called a coward of the county, no sir. Buckle in to our beautifully restored 57 Bel Air Soft Top and let you, me and Ruby, drive around and NOT take our love to town.

    It's all about Kenny and Chevy in this week's 30 Laps with Richard Lyon.

    Episode #67

    We don't have anywhere near enough stories on 30 Laps featuring women. This week, that changes. In this episode, we meet the President and CEO of Ford Australia and New Zealand Kay Heart. We also take a look at the W Series and finish with the nine most famous 'fast females'. Join presenter Richard Lyon for what promises to be a great episode of 30 Laps!

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    Episode #66

    It's the usual mixed bag, potpourri, lucky dip in this week's selection for 30 Laps. Jay Leno and his collection of cars gets a look in this week, as well as two articles, 'Wise up you analysts' and 'Going quietly into the night'. Join presenter Richard Lyon for another episode of 30 Laps.

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    Episode #65

    In this week's 30 Laps, presenter Richard Lyon looks at General Motors' version of Holden and the icon's timeline. This car became a part of the Australian identity, leaving its mark on the country and being a part of some of our greatest memories. It's all Holden together this week, so we better give them the entire 30 minutes because we reckon they've earned it.

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    Episode #64

    It's the Wheels Car of the Year 1973 dominating this week - the sensational Leyland P76. Despite receiving the accolade, by 1974, sales of the P76 had slumped and BMC decided to end the production of the P76. Although the P76 has been labelled a lemon in Australian motoring history, it is viewed by some as an iconic Australian car and has a loyal following. Presenter Richard Lyon also takes a look at the BMC Empire and the best-selling car in every country.

    Strap yourself in and join us for another round of 30 Laps.

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    Episode #63

    From Back to the Future...

    Marty McFly: Wait a minute, Doc. Ah... Are you telling me that you built a time machine... out of a DeLorean?

    Dr. Emmett Brown: The way I see it, if you're gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style?

    Dr. Emmett Brown: You’ve got to come back with me!

    Marty McFly: Where?

    Dr. Emmett Brown: Back to the future!

    Dr. Emmett Brown: Then tell me "future boy", who is the president of the United States in 1985?

    Marty McFly: Ronald Reagan.

    Dr. Emmett Brown: Ronald Reagan? The actor?! Who's vice president? Jerry Lewis?!

    What does presenter Richard Lyon look at in this week's 30 Laps? You guessed it, the DeLorean.

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    Episode #62

    Let's take a moment and imagine we have moved from Berlin to Indianapolis - home of the famous friend of 30 Laps, the brickyard. But, we aren't going there. Instead, we're visiting an appalling tourist attraction in Louisiana... all will be revealed in this week's episode. We also jump in a Stutz Bearcat and take it for a trip to the Whitney Plantation on the banks of the Mississippi River. Join presenter Richard Lyon for another fun-filled adventure on 30 Laps.

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    Episode #61

    This week, presenter Richard Lyon investigates some tall stories in a short timeframe. He takes a look at myth and Mthstry once again, not with Edgar Allen Poe as per prior to Christmas, but with Wheels magazine, old wives tales and the PC-corrected meaning………. fibs. The truth will out at 30 Laps! He'll also share stories on those blokes in German cars, and the Martin, the Aston Martin.

    MI 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 on 30 Laps this week.

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    Episode #60

    To celebrate the 60th edition of 30 Laps - that's 1,800 laps in total - presenter Richard Lyon decides to head on tour. It's back to the DRG and more Berlin travels, but it's not just any old drive, it's Berlin at dusk in an Aston Martin Rapide S. If that's not enough to entice you to this episode, there is also a crazy police car to boot. And, it's still madness here for the iconic Interceptor from Mad Max.

    It's twice round the rubber room at 30 Laps.

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    Episode #59

    It's the world stage this week on 30 Laps. Presenter Richard Lyon explores the modes of transport of world leaders, old and new, as well as the late HRH Princess Margaret’s bespoke 1980 Roller goes up for grabs -  that’s a good little story. The Mitsubishi Stink from last week is still lingering so that's on the agenda again. 

    Plus, dust from the brickyard if time does not beat us up, only at 30 Laps.

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    Episode #58

    Crikey, what is going on at Nissan? Arrest, detention, raids, accusations, bullet trains, ex Green Berets, Lebanese Directors, stowaways in a music case, fleas in the night, err that should be he flees in the night, no insecticide needed here at 30 Laps this week. Join presenter Richard Lyon as he covers the Mitsubishi emissions stink. One not to be missed.

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    Episode #57

    30 Laps this week is a bit of the macabre. Presenter Richard Lyon takes a look at a couple of vehicles that were connected to a previous program on December 21 about JFK and the Lincoln Continental. That's where the occupants got into the backseat and did not get out alive. One that had serious, deadly, heartbreaking consequences and its echoes were felt around the world.

    The actions of one man who could be one of the most pivotal people of the 20th century; someone who changed the course of history; one of the most talked about men in modern history that you may have never heard oF, and the other, someone who was just plain sad, robbing us of one of the great music makers of the day.

    The first car had a career of bad luck and death followed it. And the second... didn’t. It's all here and there on 30 Laps this week.

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    Episode #56

    Look in the cupboards, under the bed, behind the sofa, that space that just seems to mount up with clothes or towels, or old wine coolers and garden shoes - look everywhere. Find those toys you never threw out or you never got rid of after the kids moved out. Why? Because they could be worth a fortune. Presenter Richard Lyon takes a look at mini car collections, friendly car jargon, and the lowdown on high purchase and lease terms we all struggle with are front and centre on this week's 30 Laps.

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          Presenter profile: Richard Lyon, 30 Laps

          A photo of Richard Lyon, presenter of 30 Laps

          Richard Lyon is the presenter of 30 Laps with Dick, which airs every Saturday night at 7.30pm.

          We asked Richard a few questions about his passion for cars and radio:

          How long have you been presenting the show?

          February 2019, I wanted to help out with a new program. I was told we needed a new motoring show, and the driver’s seat seemed a good fit.

          What can listeners expect to hear each episode?

          Motoring history, trivia, famous faces (the Motor Mouth of the week) music, great yarns, news from the motor industry, interesting motoring trips, a few funnies and some music.

          What do you enjoy about producing this program?

          Research; finding new avenues of interesting stories; and, talking about the great characters of motoring and motorsport since the car was first taken seriously.

          What is one of the most memorable articles you remember reading?

          The story of the young man who drove Hank Williams on his last trip to a New Year’s Day show in the USA.

          What do you think you have learnt in your time producing and presenting this program?

          Timing, ha, and voice modulation! And, that I really enjoy producing and recording it each week.