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Jono and Dano celebrate 2RPH's 30th birthday

In 2013, 2RPH celebrated 30 years of being on the airwaves. Radio hosts Jonathan Coleman (Jono) and Ian Rogerson (Dano), of The Jono and Dano Show, helped the station celebrate with a series of interviews with special guests and this interview with former General Manager Nicci Lindemann.

Original broadcast date 14.04.2013

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The start of 2RPH

Join former General Manager Nicci Lindemann as she talks with Emeritus Professor Ron Postle, the station's second Chairman after founding Chair Professor Neil Runcie, and Geoff Brown, the first manager of 2RPH. They discuss the founding roots of 2RPH.

Original broadcast date 16.04.2013

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Volunteering - Now and Then

Join three of 2RPH's longest-serving volunteers and infamous voices Liz Claridge, Jeanette Ward and Peter Bonsall-Boone as they share their memories of volunteering with 2RPH back when it started in 1983. Liz and Peter have since passed away. 2RPH will always remember their contributions and voices.

Original broadcast date 17.04.2013

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What is 2RPH?

Learn all about 2RPH - why it exists, who tunes in, where you can hear us, and the programs you can expect to hear!

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A history of 2RPH

Our beloved Sydney radio reading service was born on 23 October 1977 when a public meeting was held at Paddington Town Hall. Professor Neil Runcie was elected Chairman. Hear more about the origins of 2RPH by clicking below.

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What can you expect to hear on 2RPH

If you have found your way to 2RPH on your radio, computer or phone, listen to this comprehensive overview of what you can expect to hear on the radio reading service.

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