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Interviewing Minister Ward MP

One of the few Australian politicians to navigate his way into parliament with a disability, the current NSW Minister for Families, Communities and Disability Services was born both albino and sight-impaired. Ablequest presenter Barbara Sullivan caught up with Minister Gareth Ward on the eve of a $10 million funding boost for jobs and community participation for people living with disability.

presenter Barbara Sullivan caught up with the minister for an interview on the eve of a $10 million funding boost for jobs and community participation for people living with disability. The Minister gave detailed responses to Ms Sullivan’s questions about continued funding for advocacy, possible changes to the NDIS forthcoming legislation and the extra challenges of COVID for people living with a disability.

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Disability sector during COVID-19: Gareth Ward MP

Minister for Families, Communities and Disability Services Gareth Ward joins 2RPH presenter Barbara Sullivan to discuss the new measures introduced at the start of the COVID-19 outbreak to support people with disability and NDIS providers. He also talks about the other work taking place in the disability sector.

This interview was originally broadcast on 6 May, 2020.

NSW Ageing and Disability Commissioner 

Robert Fitzgerald AM stopped by the 2RPH studios to discuss his new role as NSW’s first Ageing and Disability Commissioner. The role is a special one, and is tasked with protecting older people and adults with a disability. The Commissioner was interviewed by 2RPH volunteer presenter Elaine Wziontek. 

This interview was originally broadcast during the Disability News segment of Wednesday Breakfast with Geoff Caban on 4 September.

Disability sector update with MP Gareth Ward

The 2RPH studios in Glebe were visited by Honourable Gareth Ward, MP., Minister for Families, Communities and Disability Services on 10 July, 2019.

The visit provided an opportunity for Chairperson, Di Collins; Deputy Chair, Maria Walsh and General Manager, Sancha Donald to outline the objectives and operations of the station.

The 10-minute interview conducted by volunteer Elaine Wziontek was a chance for the Minister to outline the priorities and challenges for his portfolio, which in part are informed by the insights from his own background and experience. He went on to explain the role of the newly created Ageing and Disability Commissioner and the need for the Commission to review the role played by disability advocacy and information organisations

      Celebrating International Day of People with Disability

      Monday 3 December is International Day of People with Disability, which has highlighted issues that affect people with disability around the world since 1981. This year’s theme is empowerment, inclusion and equality. 

      Fiona McKenzie, who has been a Board Member of the NSW Council for Intellectual Disability for ten years, talks with Jo Van Kool about the importance of friendships, speaking up and being part of a change movement that is led by people with intellectual disability.

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      Campaign advocates for long-term disability funding

      A campaign, Stand By Me, is underway to lobby the NSW Government to finally deliver long-term, sustainable funding for independent disability advocacy in the state.

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      Blind Citizens Australia Life Ready Series

      The word “diversity” is often used to describe different cultural backgrounds, but its meaning goes much further than this. Diversity recognises all of the differences that make us individuals, with unique stories, experiences, values and dreams.

      Through its Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) project, Blind Citizens Australia (BCA) has recorded a series of five podcasts to highlight the diversity within the blind and vision impaired community. These podcasts feature four different members of BCA, and begin to share their stories.

      This series of podcasts follows a session at BCA's National Convention on 'The many faces of Independence'. The discussion raised the notion that although we have different strengths and skills, and choose to live our lives in many varied ways, this diversity is a strength, not a weakness for our community.

      To hear each podcast, click on the separate links below:

      Blind Citizens Australia 2019 National Convention


      From 29 March to 1 April 2019, individuals from all over Australia travelled to Hobart, Tasmania for the annual national convention of Blind Citizens Australia (BCA). The convention explored a number of relevant subjects including:

      • The rights of people with disability and the challenges and opportunities technology offers in relation to protecting and upholding our human rights;
      • How Aira Corporation are transforming lives, with chief executive Suman Kanuganti sharing his vision for how artificial intelligence will further enhance the independence of people who are blind or vision impaired into the future;
      • The future of work and what this means for people who are blind or vision impaired;
      • Blindness services in the 21st century;

      And many more topics relevant to this sector. To hear some of these topics, click on the links below:

      IDEAS Information Service

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      IDEAS are the go-to for disability information. We connect you with the information you need.

      We know information powers better decisions, to make life easier. We are committed to getting people the information they need, when and how they need it.

      Over 80 per cent of our staff have lived experience of disability. We get it.

      We provide free, accurate and independent disability information.

      IDEAS does information so you can do life. For podcasts and more…

      Connect today on 1800 029 904 or SMS Your Q 0458 296 602 or visit