Ablequest programs 2017

Ablequest is a series of 15 minute programs which examines developments in assistive technology and initiatives for those people living with a wide range of disabilities.This page contains program files for episodes first broadcast in 2017.

The Primary Club - Jim Maxwell

Cricket commentator, Jim Maxwell, talks about The Primary Club, a club raises money for other charities to provide sporting facilities for people with disabilties.

Sydney Festival 2018

January sees Sydney city and Parramatta come alive with exciting events and performances. The organisers of the annual Sydney Festival work hard to ensure it is accessible to everyone.

Original Broadcast Date 8.12.2017


Michael Said, immediate past District Director (District 90) for Toastmasters, speaks about the organisation and its inclusive community approach.

Original Broadcast Date 24.11.2017

Project Magic

Dr Adrian Sheen, a family doctor in Western Sydney and lecturer at Sydney University, talks about how Project Magic helps patients in hospital recover both physically and psychologically.

Original Broadcast Date 10.11.2017

Big Anxiety - Debra Keenahan

Dr Debra Keenahan is an Ambassador for The Big Anxiety Festival. She discusses her role and her participation as a visual and performance artist.

Original Broadcast Date 27.10.2017

Hansa Sailing - Chris Mitchell

Chris Mitchell, owner of Hansa Sailing, designs and builds internationally acclaimed sailing boats, which are recognised as superb examples of universal design. He says he 'just builds boats that anyone can sail, regardless of ability, age or experience'.

Original Broadcast Date 13.10.2017

Repeat Program - Sailability - Eli Demeny

For a synopsis of this program please refer to the original on the 2016 summary page.

Original Broadcast Date 5.2.2016

Dr Karen Wolffe Career Councellor

Dr Karen Wolffe is a specialist career counsellor working with people who are blind or partially sighted. She was a keynote speaker at the recent Live Work Play NSW State of Inclusion conference.

Original Broadcast Date 15.09.2017

The Big Anxiety Festival

Professor Jill Bennett from UNSW is the Artistic and Executive Director of the Big Anxiety Festival, which runs across Sydney during Mental Health month.

Original Broadcast Date 01.09.2017

Alastair McEwin - Disability Discrimination Commissioner

Alastair McEwin, the Australian Disability Discrimination Commissioner, speaks about his role and the key areas he is addressing to improve the lives of people with disabilities.

Original Broadcast Date 18.08.2017

Lifelink with Anthony Bacon

Anthony Bacon, GM of Lifelink at Feros Care, discusses available technologies they have adapted for use by seniors and people with disabilities.

Original Broadcast Date 4.08.2017

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Tymon Kennedy Better Goals

Tymon Kennedy and Ben Pecotich talk about Better Goals, the mobile assistant they have developed for people with intellectual disabilities.

Original Broadcast Date 21.07.2017

Return2Drive with Kylie Chambers

The Return2Driving program at Royal Rehab is a very practical initiative which promotes independence in driving for people with a range of disabilities. Kylie Chambers, Acting Clinical Operations Manager, explains the program.

Original Broadcast Date 7.07.2017

Front Up

Live from the Live Work Play:NSW State of Inclusion conference, Gaye Fleming and artist William Anderson talk about Front Up, a disability-led Arts and Cultural program and community hub.

Original Broadcast Date 23.06.2017

Jordan O'Reilly HireUp

Jordan O'Reilly, CEO and Co-founder of online platform HireUp,is changing the way support relationships for people with disabilities is managed.

Original Broadcast Date 9.06.2017

VIVID Jenny Spinack

VIVID Sydney, the world's largest light, sound and ideas festival, runs from 26 May to 17 June. Jenny Spinnack, Accessibility Manager at the Sydney Opera House, discusses this years special events at VIVID.

Original Broadcast Date 26.05.2017

Sancha Donald - Newly Appointed GM 

Sancha Donald, recently appointed General Manager of Radio 2RPH, talks about her first impressions at the station and her thoughts about its future.

Original Broadcast Date 12.05.2017

David Woodbridge Part 2

A continuing conversation with David Woodbridge on Apple's latest developments in accessibility for the vision impaired.

Original Broadcast Date 28.04.2017

David Woodbridge Technology Update Part 1

A regular guest, David Woodbridge, discusses the latest technology for the vision impaired.

Original Broadcast Date 31/03/2017

NDIS Part 1

This two-part conversation covers exceptional models of disability services and changes to the disability landscape with the advent of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Original Broadcast Date 17.03.2017

Lady Cosgrove visits Ablequest

Recently we were visited by Lady Cosgrove, wife of the Governor General Sir Peter Cosgrove.

As Lady Cosgrove has a special interest in the disability sector, Marni Roper took the opportunity to speak to her about her activities in the field and volunteering in general.

Original Broadcast Date 3.03.2017

TAD Pt 1 Revisited

TAD (Technical Aid for the Disabled) is a vital community organisation linking technically skilled volunteers with people who have a disability to customise their equipment.

Danny Kapustin is the CEO of TAD and talks about their products and the upcoming annual Spring Cycle across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. This is an updated version of a program first broadcast in October 2016

Original Broadcast Date 17.02.2017

Jim Maxwell The Primary Club

Cricket commentator Jim Maxwell talks about The Primary Club, which raises funds to purchase sporting and recreational facilities for people with disabilities.

Original Broadcast Date 3.02.2017


Honorary Visiting Associate Professor Barry Gow and Professor Greg Suaning of the University of New South Wales discuss Barry's practical invention, the Wangiscope. It is a tool which is critical to the successful implantation of bionic eyes.

Original Broadcast Date 20.01.2017

New Banknotes

You may have seen the new $5 banknote and wondered about the small dot on either side of the note.

Bruce Maguire lead policy advisor at Vision Australia, talks about the new banknotes and how that little dot came to be. And how a Sydney teenager had the influence to change the thinking of the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Original Broadcast Date 6.01.2017

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