Ablequest programs for 2016

Ablequest is a series of 15 minute programs which examines developments in assistive technology and initiatives for those people living with a wide range of disabilities.This page contains program files for episodes first broadcast in 2016.

Sydney Festival with Fiona Winning

Sydney Festival Head of Programming, Fiona Winning, discusses the festival events fully accessible to people with varying disabilities.

Original Broadcast Date 9.12.2016

Tamar Krebs - Dimentia Specialist

The increasing incidence of dementia is affecting more and more families. Tamar Krebs, an expert in the area, helps us understand what is needed to properly care for a person with dementia.

Original Broadcast Date 25.11.2016

Jubilee Sailing Trust Part 2

Anna Wall, intrepid crew member of Jubilee Sailing Trust's purpose-built tall ship, Tenacious, talks about life on board.

The well-conceived technology and assistive devices on the ship allow less able bodied crew members to participate fully and independently.

Original Broadcast Date 11.11.2016

TAD Part 2

In this second segment on TAD Disability Services, we speak with its Chairman, Monica Vardabasso' about the organisation and the services available.

Original Broadcast Date 28/10/2016

TAD Part 1

TAD (Technical Aid for the Disabled) is a vital community organisation linking technically skilled volunteers with people who have a disability to customise their equipment.

Danny Kapustin is the CEO of TAD and talks about their products and the upcoming annual Spring Cycle across the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Original Broadcast Date 14.10.2016

Alzeimhers Test Part 2

This episode continues the 2014 conversation with Dr Nicolas Cherbuin from ANU, aired again as part of Dementia Awareness Month.

Dr Cherbuin discusses the objectives in developing the online Alzheimers Risk Index Test.

Original Broadcast Date 30.09.2016

Alzheimers Test Part 1

September is Dementia Awareness Month. Ablequest repeats an interesting 2014 conversation with Associate Professor Nicolas Cherbuin, one of the team of experts at the Australian National University responsible for developing the Alzheimer's Risk Index Test.

Original Broadcast Date 16.09.2016

Wheelchair Rugby League

Steve Hewson, coach of the Australian Wheelchair Rugby League Squad, talks about the newest wheelchair sport, a variation of the running game.

WRL is an inclusive sport that allows athletes with disabilities to compete with, and against, able-bodied men and women.

Original Broadcast Date 2.09.2016

KISA Phone Part 2

In the past year, the KISA team have incorporated extensive customer feedback to enhance the usability of the phone.

In this second segment, Dmitri Levin, Co-founder of KISA, discusses the significant technical and marketing development they have made.

Original Broadcast Date 19.08.2016

KISA Phone Part 1

The KISA phone, an Australian invention, makes using a mobile phone easy for the elderly, the disabled and young children.

This segment was first broadcast in June 2015. Dmitri Levin, Co-founder of KISA, explains in detail how this simple device works.

Original Broadcast Date 5.8.2016

Jubilee Sailing Trust

July 27 will see the spectacular arrival into Sydney Harbour of the English tall ship Tenacious. Purpose-built, she is crewed by 40 able and less able bodies.

Peter Mitchell from the Jubilee Sailing Trust, a charity which uses the adventure of tall ship sailing to unlock human potential, talks about the Trust, the ship and the experience.

Original Broadcast Date 22.07.2016

Polio and Assistive Technology

Dr Ian Neering has had a successful academic and commercial career, as well as an active sporting life, despite being afflicted from early childhood with polio.

He discusses assistive devices that have helped, and explains why the effects of the virus are often exacerbated with age.

Original Broadcast Date 8.07.2016

Aged Care Financials

Rod Horin, MD of Joseph Palmer & Sons, de-mystifies the complexities involved in securing a spot in an aged care facility and guides us through the financial maze.

Original Broadcast Date 24.06.2016

Arts Health Institute Part 2

In the segment, Maggie Haertsch, CEO of Arts Health Institute, tells us more about their very successful programs Sing Out Loud, Play Up and The Amazing Magic Club.

Original Broadcast Date 10.06.2016

Arts Health Institute

For people with chronic cognitive and physical impairment, the connection of music and memories can be a life changer.

Maggie Haertsch, CEO of Arts Health Institute, proves this every day with her inspirational Music & Memory program.

Original Broadcast Date 27.05.2016

Cochlear BAHA System

Cochlear is well known for inventing implant technology for profoundly deaf people. But they also offer the BAHA System - Bone Anchored Hearing Aid - for people whose deafness is caused by mechanical problems in the ear drum or with the small ear bones.

John Newall, a leading audiologist from Macquarie University, explains this technology, how it works and how it is fitted.

Original Broadcast Date 13.5.2016

Cochlear Part 1 - Revised

Faye Yarroll, bilateral cochlear implant recipient and spokesperson for the Cochlear Awareness Network, talks about her experience with this sophisticated hearing device.

Original Broadcast Date 29.04.2016

Professor Greg Tegart Part 2

The conversation with Professor Tegart continues, addressing the more practical aspects of the concept of a user-centred network for health technology sector.

Original Broadcast Date 15.04.2016

Prof Greg Tegart Part 1

Professor Greg Tegart, ACT Senior Australian of the Year, leading scientist and advocate for smart assistive technologies for the aged and disabled, has called for a more unified health technology sector.

This conversation is continued in the next episode.

Original Broadcast Date 01.04.2016

Accessibility at Sydney Opera House

Opera Australia is a leader in making its theatres and performances accessible to all.

Jenny Spinack, Accessibility Manager, talks about the assistive technology available, the modifications to the building and the specially created performances.

Original Broadcast Date 18.03.2016

Diabetic Exercise

Allan Bolton, a Sydney-based exercise physiologist and Type 1 diabetic, has created an e-learning tool called exT1D.

The exT1D program aims to reduce the risk of exercise-related hypoglycaemia, and this was supported by a recent Sydney University study.

Original Broadcast Date 4.03.2016

Insulin Pump

We revisit an episode first broadcast in February 2014.

In future programs we look at further developments with this device but here revisit our original program on Type 1 Diabetes, from two years ago. Cheryl Steel discusses the Insulin Pump which being automatic, helps to improve the lives of sufferers of this condition.

Original Broadcast Date 19.02.2016


Sailability is a widespread organisation, staffed by volunteers, which encourages people with or without disability to get involved with sailing in small safe dinghies.

Eli Demeny, one of the volunteers, talks about Sailability, its twenty years of activities and how people can join.

Original Broadcast Date 05.02.2016

GeeNee Mobile founder Jeremy Way - Part 2

We continue our discussion with Jeremy Way, JeeNee founder.

In this episode Jeremy talks about founding the company as well as how he chose the name "JeeNee".

Original Broadcast Date 22.01.2016

JeeNee Mobile founder Jeremy Way - Part 1

This time we meet Jeremy Way whos family has been involved in the Disbility Sector for a number of decades.

He explains his philosophy that a Disability organization should be funded by entrepeneurial activity rather than seeking funds by more traditional means; such as in his words, "rattling the can". Here how this philosophy has resulted in the formation of organizations such as JeeNee Mobile.

Original Broadcast Date 08.01.2016

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