Ablequest programs for 2014

Ablequest is a series of 15 minute programs which examines developments in assistive technology and initiatives for those people living with a wide range of disabilities.This page contains program files for episodes first broadcast in 2014.

MerryMakers Dance Company

MerryMakers is a wonderful organization which allows people with mental and physical disabilities to enjoy the magic of dance.

Lucinda Bryant CEO and Artistic Director of MerryMakers joins us this time to trace the history of MerryMakers since its formation in 1978, and her involvement since her teenage years. She discusses what the organizatikon stands for, how it operaters and who is involved. She also goes on to discuss what benefits the participants receive from involvement in the group.

Original Broadcast Date 12.12.2014

Ben Felten Interview Pt 2

We continue our interview with Ben Felten.

This time Ben talks about returning to motor bike riding and how it is possible for a blind person to ride.

Original Broadcast Date 28.11.2014

Ben Felten Interview Pt 1

Our guest this time though completely blind holds a host of medals in rowing and cricket.

Ben also talks about his passion for motorcycle racing and a forthcoming attempt at the ‘blindfold motorcycle land speed record’ and a host of his other interests and activities.

Original Broadcast Date 14.11.2014

Technical Aid for the Disabled (TAD)

TAD links technically skilled volunteers to those with various disabilities, to custom build or modify required equipment.

Monica Vardabasso TAD's NSW president gives us some insights into the activities of TAD.

Original Broadcast Date 31.10.2014

Sailors with Disabilities

This organization sees sailing as a tool to boost confidence of those with various disabilities

Sailors with Disabilities (SWD) was estabished over 20 years ago and encourages peeople with disabilities of all kinds to concentrate on what they can do rather than what they cannot. By Showcasing what is possible SWD also believe they can change society's perception of disability. Ian Wyott a volunteer with SWD explains SWD's development and acheivements in this episode.

Original Broadcast Date 17.10.2014


A registered charity, FreshTracks ws established in 2011 to offer support to those with an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI).

Thousands of young Australians will suffer a brain injury. When such an inuury occurs it affects the whole family. They are often not inusred and find difficulty in affording rehabilitation services. FreshTracks was established to address this problem. In this episode Alan Lawrence, from FreshTracks talks about the organization and its initiatives.

Original Broadcast Date 03.10.2014

Return to Sport Pt 1

Return to Sport allows people with a range of injuries to participate in a variety of sporting and leisure activities.

Return to Sport is open to people of all ages and is available to anyone who has suffered disability resulting from brain or spianl injury. It provides rehabilitation under the guidance of Royal Rehab discussed in the previous episode of Ablequest. Rob Price the Professional Leader - Recreational therapy and Sebastian Van Veenendaal the coordinator of Return to Sport, join us this time.

Original Broadcast Date 05.09.2014

Royal Rehab

Royal Rehab provides extensive rehabilitation to those who have suffered a catastrophic event or injury.

Many people acquire a disability through accident or catastrophic physical event such as stroke. And in the acute phase need extensive rehabilitation. Ideally this could be from a specialist unit such as Royal Rehab in Sydney. This time we join Stephen Loundes CEO of Royal Rehab, who explains how Royal Rehab offers rehabilitation not only in dedicated facilities but also in the patients home environment.

Original Broadcast Date 22.08.2014

Indoor Navigation Project

New research into Multi Sensor Array Technology s allowing people who are blind to sense their surroundings beyond the tip of the white cane.

Dr Iain Murray talks about research at the School of Electrical and Computer engineering at Curton University called “The Indoor Navigation Project”.

Original Broadcast Date 08.08.2014

Accessible Home Modifications

Occupational Therapist Deb Hammond discusses Accessibility in the Home Environment.

Jane Bryce had previously discussed Accessibility requirements for the built environment but the situation is different for a person's home the layout of which is determined by that person's personal tastes. Deb Hammond is an Occupational therapist who specializes in assisting those with a disability to optimize their home environment with this in mind.

Original Broadcast Date 11.07.2014

Jane Bryce - Access consultant Pt 2

Continuing Jane Bryce's discussion of the world of Access Consultancy.

This time Jane focuses on the requirements for Accessibility in the built environment.

Original Broadcast Date 27.06.2014

Jane Bryce - Access Consultant Pt 1

Jane Bryce an Accessibility consultant discusses her occupation.

In this the first part of a two part series Jane Bryce discusses the role of an accessibility Consultant. This time focusing on the world of Access Consultancy in general.

Original Broadcast Date 13.06.2014

Prevention of Chronic Inflammation

Serious research is being undertaken into the role of various foods in the prevention and treatment of Chronic Inflammation.

For thousands of years people have been using herbal medicines derived from plants grown in their region to treat pain and fevers. Dr Lezanne Ooi from the University of Woolongong's Illawarra Health and Medical Research Institute, discusses a research project in which the efficacy of certain locally available foods and herbs is investigated in the treatment and prevention of inflammation, chronic pain and other unrelated conditions.

Original Broadcast Date 30.05.2014

Margie Logan Pt 2

Speech Pathologists' role in ABI discussion is continued.

Margie Logan continues her discussion begun in the previous episode.

Original Broadcast Date 16.05.2014

Margie Logan Pt 1

Margie Logan discusses the Speech Pathologies's role in treating Acquired Brain Injury

Following on from the previous episode concerning Acquired Brain Injury, we begin a two part series in which Sydney Speech Pathologist Margie Logan discusses how Speech Pathology can aid in the treatment of Acquired Brain Injury.

Original Broadcast Date 02.05.2014

Acquired Brain Injury

Dr Christine Durham discusses her life following an Acquired Brain Injury following a car accident in 1993.

Victorian Senior Australian of the Year (2014), Dr Christine Durham's life changed dramatically following delivery of a philosophical paper, and a car accident rendered her physically and mentally incapable of functioning. She has since developed a number of initiatives to help others in similar situations. In this episode she discusses her life and work since that event.

Original Broadcast Date 18.04.2014

The Bionic Eye - Clinical Trials Pt 2

Dr Lauren Ayton discusses Field trials of the Bionic eye.

Dr Lauren Ayton continues her discussion of the success of of field Trials of this device.

Original Broadcast Date 04.04.2014

The Bionic Eye - Clinical Trials Pt 1

Dr Lauren Ayton discusses Field trials of the Bionic eye.

Ablequest had previously discussed the preliminary development of the Bionic Eye. Field trials have begun to yield results of the success of this device.

Original Broadcast Date 21.03.2014

Alzheimer’s Test Pt 2

This episode Continues the topic begun in the previous episode.

Dr Cherbuin discusses the objectives in developing the test.

Original Broadcast Date 07.03.2014

Alzheimer’s Test Pt 1

An evidence based on-line tool has been developed for assessing risk factors possibly leading to Alzheimer'S Disease.

We speak to Dr Nicholas Cherbuin ARC Future Fellow and Director of the Neuro Imaging and Brain Laboratory at the Centre For Aging Health and Wellbeing at the ANU about the development of this test.

Original Broadcast Date 21.02.2014

Insulin Pump

The Insulin Pump is designed to automatically deliver Insulin as required.

The disability we investigate this week is Type 1 Diabetes. Cheryl Steel discusses the Insulin Pump which being automatic, helps to improve the lives of sufferers of this condition.

Original Broadcast Date 07.02.2014

Andrew Follows - Photographer

Andrew Follows is an Award Winning Photographer despite being visually Impaired.

This time we meet Andrew Follows who discusses his photographic exhibition “Density” among other subjects.

Original Broadcast Date 24.01.2014

Audio Description

Audio description of Theatrical production is a specialist art.

Bruce Cutler a professional theatre Audio Describer, discusses his job and how he took up this career.

Original Broadcast Date 10.01.2014

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