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Assistive Tech Update

This week, Ablequest presents a round-up of articles on assistive technology and initiatives helping people with disabilities: from Western Weekender, Tech Bullion and Link Disability Magazine.

Original broadcast date: 07.04.23

Serena Gove - Adaptive Clothing

Serena Gove talks about adaptive clothing for people who have limited movement due to age or disability. She created Caring Clothing, a company that designs, sources, manufactures and distributes clothing to suit all ages and disabilities.

Original broadcast date: 10.03.23

Hugh Kingsley - UbiDuo

Hugh Kingsley, Managing Director of the Brainary which specialises in assistive technology talks about a device called the UbiDuo. This device supports people who are deaf and helps people take part in a real time face to face conversation.

Elaine Wziontek asked him how it helps bridge deaf and hearing anytime, anywhere. 

Original broadcast date: 24.02.23

Laura O'Reilly - HireUp

HireUp is Australia's first online disability support network that puts its users in control, by matching people based on their support requirements. Co-founder and co-CEO of HireUp, Laura O'Reilly, speaks about the service.

General Manager of The Reading Switch Andrew Galloway explains the online program can help your child become a more confident reader. 

Original broadcast date: 10.02.23

Andrew Galloway and Brylee Langley - Reading Switch

This program looks at dyslexia and the difficulties children with it have in learning to read. Elaine Wziontek talks to Brylee Langley, founder of an innovative learn-to-read system that teaches dyslexic thinkers the way they learn and in the development of an app called the Reading Switch.

General Manager of The Reading Switch Andrew Galloway explains the online program can help your child become a more confident reader. 

Original broadcast date: 13.01.23

Jenny Spinak - Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House has recently undergone a significant infrastructure upgrade to make all venues more accessible. Jenny Spinak, long-term Accessibility Manager at the Opera House, talks about these changes and other exciting new initiatives.

Original broadcast date: 16.12.22

Danny Staffieri - JaeMan

JaeMan NDIS Services has recently become a 2RPH station sponsor. Barbara Sullivan spoke with Danny Staffieri, Owner and Founder of JaeMan, about their extensive services, including JaeMan Active, and his motivation to lead such a caring team.

Original broadcast date: 02.12.22

Professor Frances Kay-Lambkin

Our guest is Professor Frances Kay-Lambkin, a registered psychologist and mental health researcher. Elaine Wziontek spoke with Frances about her passion for technology and online platforms to support people with mental health issues.

Original broadcast date: 19.11.22

Dane Cross - Spinal Life Australia

Dane Cross, Senior Advisor in access and advocacy at Spinal Life Australia, discusses their Accessible Australia App.

Original broadcast date: 04.11.22

Mark West - HomeSYS

Mark West, the CEO of HomeSYS, talks to Elaine Wziontek about home automation and how it helps people with disabilities live more independent lives.

He explains how the company works closely with occupational therapists to ensure the right technology is used for individual client needs.

Original broadcast date: 21.10.22

Kimberly Lewis - Key Word Signs

Kimberly Lewis, a passionate advocate of key word signs talks about how key word signs help communication and language development.

Kimberly talks to Elaine Wziontek about her own experiences and her childhood memories of speech therapy lessons.

Original broadcast date: 07.10.22

Peter Negri - ClubMates

ClubMates is a specialist travel and tour company catering for people with a wide range of disabilities.

Managing Director, Peter Negri, explains the ClubMates philosophy and the way the tours work.

Original broadcast date: 23.09.22

Dr James Fielding - Audeara

Dr James Fielding - the founder and CEO of Brisbane start up company Audeara - discusses headphones which have a built-in hearing check that tailors the sound of music and TV for you.

Original air date: 09.09.22

Matt Mackay - Royal Rehab

Royal Rehab's Chief Executive Officer Matt Mackay talks to Elaine Wziontek about LifeWorks, a purpose built hub which is a new advanced technology centre and the largest of its kind in Australia.

He explains how the technology can help people recovering from injury and illness.

Original air date: 26.08.22

David Sexton - WeFlex

Having easy and convenient access to fitness services can be difficult for people with disabilities.

WeFlex provides the solution by connecting those people with appropriately skilled trainers and facilities nearby. CEO David Sexton tells the WeFlex story and talks about its rapid success.

You can find out more at

Original air date: 12.08.22

Kathryn Carey - Sydney Disability Expo

Impact Institute organises many successful Disability Expos, including the Sydney Disability Expo to be held on 5th and 6th August at Homebush.

Kathryn Carey, Head of Events at Impact Institute, talks about what to expect when you visit one of their expos and how accessibility plays a big part in their planning.

Original air date: 29.07.22

Louisa Graham - Disability Leadership Program

Louisa Graham, CEO of Australian Scholarships Foundation, talks about the Disability Leadership Program, offered through a partnership with Australian Institute of Company Directors and Australian Network on Disability. Applications for 200 fully funded scholarships to the program are open until 24 July. You can find out more at

Original air date: 15.07.22

Emma Lawrence and Matt Haanappel

Two passionate swimmers Emma Lawrence and Matt Haanappel talk about the AUSTSWIM program and the removing barriers initiative so more people of all abilities can enjoy swimming safely.

Original air date: 01.07.22

Pauline Donald - Mobility Me

Pauline Donald discusses her online retail business Mobility Me and the range of innovative, low-tech assistive devices which can help with everyday challenges.

Original air date: 17.06.22

Paul Apostolis - mCare Digital

Paul Apostolis of mCare Digital tells Elaine Wziontek about the mCare Watch. This watch was nominated finalist in the recent Australian Disability Service Awards.

Original broadcast date 03.06.2022

Meg Morris - Parkinson’s Disease

Physiotherapist Professor Meg Morris from La Trobe University and Healthscope is a global leader in the treatment of Parkinson's Disease. She discusses the enormous benefits of complementary therapies for people living with Parkinson's, such as dance, singing and boxing.

Original broadcast date 20.05.2022

ReaderPen by Scanning Pens

David Campbell, manager of Scanning Pens in New South Wales, discusses their ReaderPen product, which scans over printed text and reads it out loud. This pocket-sized tool won Australia's Best Assistive Technology Product of the Year at the Australian Disability Services Awards 2021.

Original broadcast date 06.05.2022

Cameron Ward, Innovo Prosthetics Part 2

This is the second episode of a 2-part interview with Cameron Ward, Director and Senior Prosthetist at Innovo Prosthetics. We congratulate Innovo Prosthetics on being awarded Best New Business in the Australian Disability Services Awards on April 5.

Original broadcast date 22.04.2022

Cameron Ward, Innovo Prosthetics Part 1

Cameron Ward, Director and Senior Prosthetist at Innovo Prosthetics, joins Barbara Sullivan to discuss the exciting advances in prosthetics technology which allow people with upper and lower limb loss to lead more active and independent lives.

Original broadcast date 08.04.2022


Elaine Wziontek has two guests with the focus on Polyspine a special type of mobility equipment being tested and trialled. She talks to Polyspine's co-founder Clint Saban and occupational therapist Liz Nade. Polyspine is designed to help people with a range of disabilities including people living with cerebral palsy and motor neurone disease.

Original broadcast date 25.03.2022

World Glaucoma Week Special: Dr. Jennifer Fan Gaskin of CERA

To highlight World Glaucoma Week (March 6 to 12), Barbara Sullivan talks with Dr. Jennifer Fan Gaskin, clinician-scientist glaucoma specialist with the Centre for Eye Research Australia. Dr. Fan Gaskin discusses CERA's role in global eye research and the many glaucoma projects being undertaken at the Centre.

Original broadcast date 11.03.2022

Professor Jim Patrick - Cochlear

Professor Jim Patrick is a world authority on cochlear implants and one of its original engineers. Elaine Wziontek interviewed Professor Patrick and asked him about his Cochlear journey, explain how implants work and how they benefit so many thousands of people including very young children.

Original broadcast date 25.02.2022

Accessible Beaches Australia

Enjoying the beach is an important part of the Australian way of life. Marni Roper explores how accessible Australian beaches are to people with limited mobility and what is being done to improve access, in this discussion with Shane Hryhorec, Chair of Accessible Beaches Australia.

Original broadcast date 11.02.2022

Art Therapy with Nicola Slack

Nicola Slack is a qualified art therapist and registered NDIS provider. Her experience includes teaching, working in film and TV, and hospitals. She discusses how art therapy helps heal the mind and spirit.

Original broadcast date 14.01.2022

Adaptive Clothing and Flex-A-Tee

Anne Marie Jonas designs adaptive clothing to help people with various disabilities dress with dignity.

Original broadcast date 17.12.2021

Katie Brookes

Katie Brookes has a severe visual impairment and lives with a rare genetic bone condition. She is a radio production volunteer with 2RPH and an overnight producer with ABC radio. She talked to Elaine Wziontek about how technology can be easily adapted to magnify print for research and work in the media.

Original broadcast date 03.12.2021

2021 Tech Update with David Woodbridge

David Woodbridge, Adaptive Technology Consultant at Vision Australia and regular guest on Ablequest, joins Barbara Sullivan to discuss the latest in accessibility features on Apple devices. He also talks about After Shockz, the bone conduction headphones, and Versa Slate, the paperless Braille slate.

Original broadcast date 19.11.2021

Tim Matthews, Paralympian

Following the success of the 2020 Paralympics we thought we would find out more about the history of the Games and the possibilities open to athletes with a disability. Marni Roper spoke to Tim Matthews, a five-time Paralympic medallist who now runs the pathway and opportunity programs at Paralympics Australia.

Original broadcast date 05.11.2021

Dean Fawcett on Robotics

Children living with autism often find it difficult to communicate and understand non-verbal cues. Most love computer games which may lead to future careers. Elaine Wziontek spoke to Dean Fawcett a final year engineering student who is part of a project team developing robotic technology and interactive games to hep children on the autism spectrum.

Original broadcast date 22.10.2021

Barry Melville

This week we introduce the new General Manager of 2RPH, Barry Melville, to Ablequest listeners. In conversation with Barbara Sullivan, Barry talks about the opportunities and challenges for 2RPH and the importance of understanding the information needs of the community 2RPH serves, particularly in the disability sector.

Original broadcast date 08.10.2021

Natalie Kaine Vision Australia Part 2

Natalie Kaine, Senior Practitioner for Children and Young People at Vision Australia, continues her discussion about the special programs for children and young people offered by the organisation.

Original broadcast date 16.07.2021

TAD Anthony Lowe

Time for an update on TAD, formerly called Technical Aid for the Disabled. Elaine Wziontek talks to CEO Anthony Lowe about clever ideas and personalised technology and TAD's skilled volunteers who design and build custom attachments for wheelchairs, bikes and walkers.

Original broadcast date 02.07.2021

Vision Australia Natalie Kaine PART 1

Natalie Kaine, Paediatric OT and Senior Practitioner for Children and Young People at Vision Australia, talks about the engaging programs and services Vision Australia has developed specifically for children and adolescents. Part 1 of a 2 part interview.

Original broadcast date 18.06.2021

Transformational Gadgetry

Uriel soberanes MxVkWPiJALs unsplash BIG

Navigating the quickly changing terrain of assistive technology can open whole new worlds, but if you are not a naturally "techie" person it can be totally discombobulating! This week Ablequest demystifies the whole kit and caboodle with a report on Life Tec, an innovative Brisbane-based social enterprise that matches an individual’s needs to the most appropriate assistive technology products, services and solutions. Even more critically, Life Tec also make recommendations that will guide funding decisions for the NDIS and other government funding options. Elaine Wziontek speaks to Life Tec's Consumer and Sector Engagement Manager, Scott Green, and Gary Darminin, who was a Senior Adviser to the NDIS before joining the APM Group, a leading global human services and health care organisation. They discuss the life-transforming impacts of about technology and how it can provide practical solutions that make work and life so much easier.

Original broadcast date 21.05.2021

Changes Ahoy Pt 2!

In the previous program Martha Gouniai from Making Waves Foundation spoke about how the organisation uses sailing as a tool to build confidence, self esteem and new relationships. In today's Ablequest, Alice Anderson, a volunteer with Making Waves, talks about her sailing experiences with the Foundation.

Original broadcast date 07.05.2021

Changes Ahoy!

Making Waves Foundation, formerly Sailors with DisAbilities, was established in 1994 to provide accessible sailing to disabled and disadvantaged children, youth and adults. Martha Gouniai, Making Waves program and volunteer manager, chats with Ablequest about the many exciting programs available - from Winds of Joy which teaches children with a disability to steer a boat, learn some basic sailing skills, meet and engage with mentors and role models, and experience first-hand, the exhilaration of problem solving on the high seas - to Wright Of Passage, a workplace-learning, trade based program designed to support and grow the personal and social development skills of young people 16-25 years of age to help their entry into paid work or further education and confidence in offshore sailing experiences.

Making Waves boat (2)

Minister Gareth Ward

The Hon Gareth Ward MP, Minister for Families, Communities and Disability, speaks about continued funding for advocacy, forthcoming legislation and possible changes to the NDIS.

Original broadcast date 09.04.2021

Assistive Tech

A look at current trends in assistive technology and the importance of selecting a product that you will actually use.

Original broadcast date 26.03.2021

Seniors Rights Service

Seniors Rights Service offers advocacy and legal assistance. Margaret Duckett, Chair and President, explains how they can help seniors across NSW.

Original broadcast date 12.03.2021

Nas Campanella

Nas Campanella, who is blind, talks about the technologies which enable her to carry out her busy on-air role as Disability Affairs Reporter for the ABC.

Original broadcast date 26.02.2021

Ability Works

Sue Boyce, CEO of Ability Works Australia, a not-for-profit social enterprise employing people with disabilities, talks about the organisation.

Original broadcast date 12.02.2021

Dr. Josh Zadro

Dr. Josh Zadro from the University of Sydney's School of Public Health explains a video game-based approach for the treatment of chronic lower back pain.

Original broadcast date 29.01.2021

Crisis Heroes Repeat

Wrapping up 2020, we replay the program that sums up the spirit of the pandemic, Crisis Heroes. Mark Acheson explains this online platform that connects people kept at home with those who can help.

Original broadcast date 01.01.2021

Coco and the Cocatoos

Jane Walker, Sydney singer songwriter and her 11 year old music student Coco Espie whio has cerebral palsy talk to Elaine Wziontek about their new children's album called Wild Life.

Original broadcast date 18.12.2020

David Woodbridge Tech Update

David Woodbridge gives a 2020 year end update on the latest assistive technology for blind and visually impaired people from Apple and Microsoft.

Original broadcast date 04.12.2020

CockyGuides Tours with James McFarlane

James McFarlane, founder of Cocky Guides talks to Elaine Wziontek about small group adventures for travellers with disabilities.

Original broadcast date 20.11.2020

Ability Technology

Dr Graeme Smith explains how Ability Technology helps people living with disabilities learn the assistive technologies which cater to their specific needs.

Original broadcast date 06.11.2020

Dr Ian Neering

With World Polio Day on October 24, we repeat an interview with Dr Ian Neering who lived with the effects of polio all his life.

Original Broadcast Date 23.10.2020


Keratoconus, a little known but serious eye condition, is discussed by Dr Srujana Sahabjada from the Centre for Eye Research Australia.

Original Broadcast Date 09.10.2020

Glaucoma CERA

Dr Flora Hui from the Centre for Eye Research Australia discusses the promising clinical trials on the use of Vitamin B3 in the treatment of glaucoma.

Original Broadcast Date 11.09.2020


Summer Petrosius, speech pathologist and co-founder of the successful social and support network app AbleFinder, talks about its purpose and functionality.

Original Broadcast Date 28.08.2020

Crisis Heroes

Crisis Heroes, an online platform set up at the start of the pandemic, connects people needing help with those willing to assist. It is now needed more than ever with Victoria's second lockdown.

Original Broadcast Date 14.08.2020

Dance Movement Therapy

Dr Kim Dunphy OAM talks about dance movement therapy and her newly developed movement assessment app MARA.

Original Broadcast Date 31.07.2020

Studio A with Gabrielle Mordy

Studio A helps adult artists with intellectual disabilities achieve their artistic and economic goals. Gabrielle Mordy, CEO and Artistic Director, talks about the studio and its artists.

Original Broadcast Date 17.07.2020

Audio Description

With COVID-19 restrictions easing, people will need audio description services again at theatres and cinemas. Bruce Cutler, one of the industry's most experienced audio describers, explains the complexities of good audio description.

Original Broadcast Date 03.07.2020

Morwenna Collett

Morwenna Collett, a specialist in disability in the music industry, talks about her successful international research as a 2019 Churchill Fellow. Morwenna has been a champion of arts and disability practice for many years and has held previous roles such CEO at Accessible Arts NSW. She’s a member of the access and disability committees for the City of Sydney, Sydney Festival and Australian Chamber Orchestra.

Morwenna Collett colour

[Image: Morwenna Collett]

As part of her research, Morwenna travelled to the UK, Ireland, and the US in 2019 to research inclusive music programs, venues and festivals which actively engage disabled people. Morwenna has a Masters of Music degree from the Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University and has lived experience as a person with disability.

Original Broadcast Date 08.06.2020

Eyegaze - Nancy Cleveland

Nancy Cleveland, Medical Director of Eyegaze Technology in Virginia USA, discusses the eye-tracking device that allows people who cannot move communicate.

Original Broadcast Date 22.05.2020

Crisis Heroes

Original Broadcast Date 08.05.2020

Dr Ian Neering rep

Dr Ian Neering talks about his life with polio, which he contracted in the pandemic of 1952.

Original Broadcast Date 24.04.2020

Minister Gareth Ward

The Hon Gareth ward, NSW Minister for Disability Services, explains new measures the government has put in place for NDIS participants and providers during COVID-19.

Original Broadcast Date 10.04.2020

Dr Adrian Sheen - Project Magic

Started by David Copperfield in 1985, Project Magic is a charity which assists those in need of rehabilitation using the ideas and dexterity of magic.

Original Broadcast Date 27.03.2020

Chris Beaumont - Endeavour Foundation

The endeavour Foundation uses virtual reality to help people learn and safely practise real-life situations.

Original Broadcast Date 13.03.2020

Professor John Grigg

Professor John Grigg, Head of Opthalmology at University of Sydney's Save Sight Institute, talks about ways to preserve and restore vision lost to all eye diseases.

Original Broadcast Date 28.02.2020

Bionic Eye Update - Gregg Suaning

Professor Gregg Suaning from the University of Sydney discusses developments in the bionic eye.

Original Broadcast Date 31.01.2020

Vladimir Pavlovic - TAFE Digital

Vladimir Pavlovic is a teacher and consultant for blind and visually impaired students studying online at TAFE Digital based in Strathfield, Sydney.

Original Broadcast Date 03.01.2020

Education is a human right with Dr Naomi Malone

This interview was recorded on December 3 - the International Day of People with Disability. Dr Naomi Malone is a historian, disability advocate and author of A Constant Struggle: Deaf Education in NSW since WWII. She spoke to 2RPH presenter Barbara Sullivan on her own education, which wasn't easy for someone who is deaf and lip reads.

Original broadcast date 6.12.2019

DavId Brady - Deafness Forum

David Brady is Chairperson of Deafness Forum Australia and CEO of a mentoring organisation for deaf teenagers, Hearforyou.

Original Broadcast Date 22.11.2019

City of Sydney

Original Broadcast Date 08.11.2019

Morwenna Collett

Morwenna Collett, a specialist in music and disability, was recently awarded a Churchill Fellowship to travel to the US, UK and Ireland.

Original Broadcast Date 25.10.2019


Tracy Bode, Speech Pathologist and CEO of Zyteq, discusses assistive communication technology, in particular speech generating devices.

Original Broadcast Date 11.10.2019

Nathan Letts

Nathan Letts is 22 and totally blind but is carving out a career in radio.

Original Broadcast Date 27.09.2019

Arts Activated 2019 with Rachel Gadsden

Rachel Gadsden, renowned UK artist and disability arts advocate, is in Australia to give the keynote address at Arts Activated 2019 conference.

Original Broadcast Date 30.08.2019

The Big Anxiety

Jill Bennett, Executive and Creative Director of The Big Anxiety Festival, talks about what attendees can expect from this exciting event.

Original Broadcast Date 16.08.2019

Ablequest Roundup

The Ablequest team - Marni Roper, Elaine Wziontek and Barbara Sullivan, provide a synopsis of some interesting new assistive technologies.

Original Broadcast Date 02.08.2019

Jennifer Parry

Blind since birth, Jennifer Parry presents her thoughts on a wide range of technology-related topics

Original Broadcast Date 19.07.2019


The short film 'Comicant'won second place in Tropfest 2019. The leading actors, both with intellectual disabilities, shared the Best Actor award. Sarah Sutherland and Ryan New talk about the experience.

Original Broadcast Date 05.07.2019

HWNS Felicity Nelson

Leading disability service provider, House with No Steps, has unveiled its prototype virtual reality learning tool for disability support workers.

Original Broadcast Date 21.06.2019

"Empower Golf" with James Gribble

Original Broadcast Date 07.06.2019

Bindi Maps

Dr Anna Wright, founder of Bindi Maps, explains how her innovative navigation system for internal spaces works.

Original Broadcast Date 24.05.2019

VIVID 2019

Sandra Chipchase, VIVID Sydney Executive Producer, talks about this years exciting VIVID program.

Original Broadcast Date 10.05.2019

David Kinnane - LOUD

Sydney speech pathologist, David Kinnane, discusses the LSVT LOUD program developed for people with Parkinsons Disease.

Original Broadcast Date 26.04.2019

Christopher Hills

Christopher Hills, who has severe cerebral palsy, runs a video production and editing business with the help of Apple technology Switch Control.

Original Broadcast Date 12.04.2019

All Equal with GREG ALCHIN

Greg Alchin, founder of All Equal, is an inclusive design consultant with a severe visual impairment. He believes with good design the world can be more accessible and inclusive.

Original Broadcast Date 29.03.2019

Wheeleasy with Max Burt

Max Burt is co-founder of a website called Wheel Easy, which delivers interactive maps and crowd-sourced information about the accessibilty of Sydney's public places.

Original Broadcast Date 15.03.2019

Boonah Arts Centre

Karlene Wilcox, the Activity Leader at Boonah Creative Arts Centre, talks about the studio. We also hear from artists Michael Buzinskas and Kate Boyd.

Original Broadcast Date 15.02.2019

Freedom Across Australia with John Hebblewhite

Original Broadcast Date 1.2.2019

Bank notes with Bruce Maguire

Bruce Maguire from Vision Australia talks about the story behind the inclusion of tactile bumps on the new Australian bank notes.

Original Broadcast Date 4.01.2019