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14 Jun 2024

14 Jun 2024 Professor Sarah Wilson (Part 1) Part 1 of a conversation with Professor Sarah Wilson, well known as a pioneer of music neuroscience research in Australia. She talks to Barbara Sullivan about how music and singing can enhance brain function and facilitate recovery after a brain injury such as a stroke.  Original broadcast date: 14.06.24

17 Jun 2024

17 Jun 2024 Episode #72 A gruesome document, an exhibition about breasts, a caterpillar brooch, a ceramic teapot, and a further stained-glass window – mixed in with a bit of Hollywood and some historical characters past and present. Creating plenty of social comment and context. The quiz includes quite a spectacle. Original broadcast date: 17.06.24

9 Jun 2024

9 Jun 2024 Fiona Sweet – The Stella Prize In this episode of Inclusive Agenda, Emma talks with Fiona Sweet, CEO of The Stella Prize.


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25 Jun 2024

25 Jun 2024 Sydney Morning Herald (2RPH Newspapers On Demand) – 25 June 2024

25 Jun 2024

25 Jun 2024 The Daily Telegraph (2RPH Newspapers On Demand) – 25 June 2024 https://www.2rph.org.au

25 Jun 2024

25 Jun 2024 The Australian (2RPH Newspapers On Demand) – 25 June 2024 https://www.2rph.org.au

25 Jun 2024

25 Jun 2024 Features Forum (2RPH Newspapers On Demand) https://www.2rph.org.au