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2RPH provides a radio reading service for people who cannot see, handle or understand printed material. We currently have 4.45 million listeners annually. Join more than 200 amazing people from every walk of life.

Becoming a live-to-air Reader

If you are interested in volunteering as a reader of newspapers, magazines and/or books, you will need to first undertake an audition. 

An audition is a test of voice, ability to read with accuracy (without any dramatics), without comment of any kind, and capacity to convey the printed word in a meaningful way. It consists of material selected by the station, including recent news stories selected from Sydney newspapers, an 'at‐sight' item and a list of words, including many names of people and places currently in the news. 

2RPH aims to hold three auditions during the year, however, in recent times, COVID has curtailed our best efforts. The process is quite competitive as we receive considerably more applications than we have vacancies. We currently require people with broadcasting and panel experience, so if you have these skills, we'd love to hear from you now!

The audition process

The audition process consists of two stages. First, all auditionees in any given round are emailed a word list and two newspaper articles which they read and record themselves. The recording is then emailed to 2RPH, assessed by the Auditions Committee and if successful, they are invited to the next stage. 

The second stage consists of an in-studio audition held at the 2RPH studios in Glebe, NSW and takes approximately 30 minutes in total. When you arrive, the following will occur:

1. You will be given an audition word list, which assesses general pronunciation, and three newspaper articles, taken from either The Daily Telegraph, The Sydney Morning Herald or The Australian. One of these articles are given in the studio to read 'sight unseen'.

2. After about 10-15 minutes of preparation, you are taken into one of our three recording studios and you are recorded while reading the wordlist and newspaper articles.

3. Once complete, the audio file is sent to the Auditions Committee again to assess your reading on a range of categories, including: comprehension, pace, flow, dynamics, voice quality, speech clarity, and pronunciation. The results are then collated and sent back to the station, where all applicants are notified via email of their audition outcome. If an applicant is not successful, feedback is provided and the person is encouraged to re-apply in a future audition.

4. Successful applicants will be invited to an induction session, where they will receive an overview of 2RPH and the RPH network, the process of reading newspaper and magazine articles over the radio, and general station housekeeping.

Volunteering opportunities

We offer volunteering positions as they become available in the following categories:

  • Reading newspapers 'live' to air
  • Announcing – at 2RPH the Announcer is also the producer of the live‐to‐air program*
  • Panel operating/producing pre‐recorded programs and digital file transfer (computerised) *
  • Reading and recording books and magazines for later broadcast*
  • Rostering and Administration
  • Reception, including handling telephone enquiries and a variety of office tasks

* A free training program is provided for these categories. And on‐going training is also provided.

2RPH Volunteer Criteria

Volunteer Elaine interviewing the Governor of NSW.

We seek to make 2RPH a friendly, co-operative environment, which means we hope to recruit volunteers who are dedicated, passionate about radio, know who 2RPH is and can commit to regular shifts. Before taking the steps to become a volunteer with us, please review the below criteria to see if this opportunity is for you.

Volunteer criteria

  • Able to give a commitment of at least two years;
  • Able to become a member of 2RPH upon successful application of becoming a volunteer. General membership is $33 and concession membership is $16.50;
  • Able to sight-read small-sized news print;
  • Able to adapt easily to change;
  • Able to receive constructive feedback in an open manner;
  • Able to work with a diverse range of people and be part of a friendly, collaborative and supportive environment;
  • Able to cut out newspaper articles with scissors. Volunteering is not just about reading, as the program needs to be prepared. This requires sorting through the newspaper and cutting out the articles in preparation to be read;
  • Shifts can be regular (depending on vacancies) or casual, however, there is an expectation that volunteer Readers will be available on a regular basis to fill vacant shifts. We also want to provide a high quality service where listeners become familiar with your voice, and we are able to maintain consistency with articulation and tone;
  • And, for any one wishing to become a broadcast volunteer, you must be familiar with the current Australian and international news and current affairs. 

Cutting 2

Cutting 3

Cutting 4

Auditions: How to apply

If you would like to be a presenter on 2RPH please send an email to  Before doing so we ask that you read the information provided to you on this page. Thank you for your interest in our station. 

Current volunteers: Listening checklist

A screen shot of the 2RPH Self Review Listening Checklist

For current broadcast volunteers of 2RPH, please download your copy of the 2RPH Self Review - Listening Checklist. This checklist was part of your professional development training workshop. Please download here - 2RPH Self Review Listening Checklist