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2RPH provides a radio reading service for people who cannot see, handle or understand printed material. We currently have 4.45 million listeners annually. Join more than 200 amazing people from every walk of life.

Volunteering opportunities

We offer volunteering positions as they become available in the following categories:

  • Reading newspapers 'live' to air
  • Announcing – at RPH the Announcer is also the producer of the live‐to‐air program*
  • Panel operating/producing pre‐recorded programs and digital file transfer (computerised) *
  • Reading and recording books and magazines for later broadcast*
  • Rostering and Administration
  • Reception, including handling telephone enquiries and a variety of office tasks

* A free training program is provided for these categories. And on‐going training is also provided.

Becoming a live-to-air Reader

If you are interested in volunteering as a reader of newspapers, magazine and/or books 'live' to air, you will need to first undertake an audition. 

An audition is a test of voice, ability to read with accuracy (without any dramatics), without comment of any kind at all, and capacity to convey the printed word in a meaningful way. It consists of material selected by the station, including recent news stories selected from Sydney newspapers, an 'at‐sight' item and a list of words, including many names of people and places currently in the news. 

A number of people are invited to each audition, which begins with a brief introduction and a full explanation of what's expected from your audition. Auditions are held about every two months. Each prospective volunteer is taken to a studio where their audition is recorded. The auditions are then heard by a small selection panel.

Practice helps. So, before you attend the audition, spend a few hours a day reading from a newspaper, out loud. You'll find it takes concentration – it's not as easy as it sounds!

The audition process

Auditions are held at the 2RPH studios in Glebe, NSW and take approximately 30 minutes in total. There is no need to come earlier than your appointed audition time as we factor in about 10 minutes to read over an audition word list, which assesses general pronunciation, and three newspaper articles, taken from either The Daily Telegraph, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian or the Australian Financial Review. One of these newspaper articles are only given in the moment prior to reading it in the studio. 

After about 10-15 minutes of preparation, you are taken into one of our three recording studios and you are recorded while reading the wordlist and newspaper articles.

Once complete, the audio file is sent to a panel of experienced volunteers who assess your reading on a range of categories, including: comprehension, pace, flow, dynamics, voice quality, speech clarity, and pronunciation. This process takes about two weeks. The results are then collated and sent back to the station, where all applicants are notified via email of their audition outcome. If an applicant is not successful, feedback is provided and the person is encouraged to re-apply in a future audition.

Successful applicants will be invited to an induction session, where they will receive an overview of 2RPH and the RPH network, the process of reading newspaper and magazine articles over the radio, and general station housekeeping.

Please see upcoming audition dates in the column on the right.

What do we ask of our volunteers?

three male volunteers who all share the name of Colin

We seek to make 2RPH a friendly, co-operative environment, which means we hope to recruit volunteers who are dedicated, passionate about radio, know who 2RPH is and can commit to regular shifts. Before taking the steps to become a volunteer with us, please review the below criteria to see if this opportunity is for you.

Volunteer criteria

  • Able to give a commitment of at least two years;
  • Shifts can be regular (depending on vacancies) or casual, however, there is an expectation that volunteer Readers will be available on a regular basis to fill vacant shifts. We also want to provide a high quality service where listeners become familiar with your voice, and we are able to maintain consistency with articulation and tone;
  • Able to be a part of a friendly, collaborative, open and honest community of individuals who share a love for the news and language, and who enjoy giving back to the community.

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Audition dates

We have finished auditions for 2019. If you are interested in becoming a broadcast volunteer, please return to this page for further updates on auditions in 2020.