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2RPH is more than a community radio station. It's an organisation that knits people together through the power of the spoken word. 

Our readers bring a friendly voice to the housebound, anyone who can't read printed material, and those who want to develop their English language skills. 

We deliver news, views and opinions from across the media spectrum, catching the trends of popular culture and contemporary society so you'll never feel out of touch again. 

Why should I become a member?

When you become a member of 2RPH you are funding the health and wellbeing of a whole community, not just a local radio station. We are the only organisation in NSW that broadcasts a daily reading service, entirely through the efforts of our talented volunteers.

By becoming a 2RPH member you are

  • Supporting community radio in Australia
  • Supporting our service to NSW residents who have poor vision or who are blind
  • Helping us create a collegial space that brings our volunteers together from across Sydney
  • You will also be eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting and have your say in the direction of the station
  • You will receive all the latest updates, news and announcements through the 2RPH monthly e-newsletter
  • You will become a part of our thriving community, sharing information, listening to each other, getting to know other members and supporters

Our members

Five 2RPH members socialising at one of our events

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