Nicolas Bertram

Nick was recently elected to the Board at the November 2017 AGM. He has been with 2RPH since 1999, first as a newsreader and then as an announcer. He enjoys contributing to our community, and working with the other volunteers and staff to provide 2RPH’s unique service.

Nick has over 25 years' experience in business and operations management, and 10 years as a chemical engineer before this. For four years he led the financial management of ARI, a $22 million manufacturer of nuclear medicines, which is now known as ANSTO Health. His broad experience has also involved WHS, business and operations strategy, customers/sales, and risk management. Nick has worked in valve manufacture, logistics, pharmaceuticals, and the chemicals industries having begun his career as a chemical engineer. Currently he runs a software development and trading business.

Qualifications include an honours degree in chemical engineering and business studies at the AGSM.