Document Finder provides all staff at 2RPH with an easy way to get to key documents or sites that underpin the operation of our station. Find what you are looking for in the INDEX table below and Click on the underlined (linked) text. The link will automatically take you to an external site or to a folder on Google Drive containing the latest versions of all documents. 2RPH documents are maintained on Google Drive so that there is only one official version of each available and all office computers should only have a shortcut to these rather than a downloaded document.


What is this?


2RPH Quality Management System (QMS)

Index for QMS

All documents which are in QMS including endorsed policies, procedures, checklists and forms related to those policies & procedures

These are accessed via Google Drive

Policies and Procedures


Human Resources

Listener Care

Work, Health and Safety


Membership & various other forms

2RPH general forms & templates

Guiding Documents - 2RPH

2RPH Strategic & action plans:

2RPH reports

Key External docs

What 2RPH plans to achieve & summaries of achievements

2RRPH Program Guide

Large Print version

Check version date with Assistant Station Mgr

On Air resources


Financial Markets Update script and others

Scripts prepared for presenters

These are accessed via Google Drive

Trading Room

Log in – 2rph

password 1224

Data to complete Financial Updates script

Link to website

BBC Market Data

Data to complete Financial Updates script

Link to website

Weather reports

Bureau of Meteorology - Sydney

Links to website

Bureau of Meteorology - Newcastle

Weatherzone - Sydney

Weatherzone - Newcastle



Pronunciation guide - English

Link to website


Pronunciation guide

Link to website

Owner: Station Manager Version: 4 May 2015

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