2RPH Audio-Books Submission Form

Welcome to the 2RPH Audio-Book Production Service. We are pleased to offer a high-quality audio production service to Australian publishers and self-published authors. It is part of our mission at 2RPH to promote the spoken word.

Below is an application form for submission of your manuscript for consideration to be produced. On the basis of this submission, we can provide a quote outlining the cost of the audio-production of your manuscript ready for distribution to most audio libraries and stores available globally.

Please submit the first five (5) pages ONLY of your manuscript, if available. Maximum: 2000 words. PDF preferred. Font size: 12 and double-spaced.

Title of book.

Author/publisher? Are you the audio rights holder for this publication?

If applicable.

Include details such as genre and a brief synopsis, eg anthology for short stories, corporate manual, wellness, guidebook, detective story, literary fiction, historical fiction, romance ...or any combination that best describes your work, young adult, memoir, family history etc).

eg children, young adults, general appeal, history buffs, those wanting to obtain insights into different cultures, those wanting to be entertained, business community, health sector, clients unable to access or read printed material etc.

No. of words.

Virtual and real book vendors.

Eg. Anthology may require more than one.

Eg. Female narrator speaking in first person, mid-Australian accent, aged 35-55, straightforward, practical.