2RPH Signals is a 15-minute monthly program covering the latest 2RPH news, presented by 2RPH Board Chair John Martin. Listen in to hear updates on the station, our volunteers, and insights into individual programs.

18 Jun 2024, 4pm

18 Jun 2024, 4pm Teresa Plane (18th June, 2024) In this episode of Signals, Dimitry Moraitis interviews Teresa Plane – a staunch advocate for 2RPH and a pioneer of palliative care in Australia.

21 May 2024, 4pm

21 May 2024, 4pm Rufina Ismail (21st May, 2024) In this episode, John talks to volunteer announcer and presenter Rufina Ismail. Rufina also hosts the Good Food program, which can be heard on Tuesdays at 2:30pm.

23 Apr 2024, 4pm

23 Apr 2024, 4pm Pawan Luthra (23rd April, 2024) In this episode of Signals, John chats to Pawan Luthra. Pawan is one of the founders of Indian Link media and is a new 2RPH board member. Original broadcast date: 23.04.24

26 Mar 2024, 10:12am

26 Mar 2024, 10:12am Marty Peploe (26th March, 2024) In this episode of Signals, John speaks to Marty Peploe, 2RPH's Programming and Production Co-ordinator. Original air date: 26.03.24

27 Feb 2024, 3:28pm

27 Feb 2024, 3:28pm Yvonne Hazel (27th February, 2024) In this episode of Signals, John interviews Yvonne Hazel, presenter of 2RPH's Travel Time program and dedicated volunteer.

2 Jan 2024, 4pm

2 Jan 2024, 4pm Lucinda Holdforth (2nd January, 2024) In this episode of Signals, we hear from Lucinda Holdforth, a Sydney-based author and speechwriter.

5 Dec 2023, 4pm

5 Dec 2023, 4pm Tanya Plibersek (5th December, 2023) 2RPH celebrated the end of its 40th year at the Harold Park Community Centre on the 25th of November, joined by Tanya Plibersek. Also listen to the 2RPH 2023 annual report presented by John Martin.

7 Nov 2023, 3pm

7 Nov 2023, 3pm Vaughn Bennison (November 7th, 2023) In this episode of Signals, John talks to Vaughn Bennison, host of BCA's New Horizons program. Vaughn was the manager of Print Radio Tasmania for over eight years, and served on the Board of RPH Australia and as its Chair for more than a decade.

10 Oct 2023, 4pm

10 Oct 2023, 4pm Sam Colley (October 10th, 2023) In this episode of Signals, John talks to Sam Colley, host of Vision Australia's Talking Vision program.

12 Sep 2023, 3pm

12 Sep 2023, 3pm Colin Payne (September 12th, 2023) Interview with Colin Payne, regular announcer, program presenter, and former 2RPH Board chair.

15 Aug 2023, 3pm

15 Aug 2023, 3pm Emma Rossi (August 15th, 2023) In this episode of Signals, John Martin talks to Emma Rossi, a former journalist and reporter who recently started volunteering at 2RPH. Emma presents Inclusive Agenda, a monthly half-hour interview show that airs on Sunday mornings at 9:30.

17 Jul 2023, 4pm

17 Jul 2023, 4pm Kieran Passmore and Kim Woo (July 17th, 2023) Barry Melville interviews Kim Woo and Kieran Passmore about the new 'Star Observer' program on 2RPH. 

19 Jun 2023, 4pm

19 Jun 2023, 4pm 2RPH History (June 19th, 2023) Early history of 2RPH, with Barbara Sullivan and John Martin.

22 May 2023, 4pm

22 May 2023, 4pm Denise Alexander (May 22nd, 2023) In this edition of Signals, John Martin interviews Denise Alexander, a new 2RPH Director.

24 Apr 2023, 4pm

24 Apr 2023, 4pm Janice Challinor (April 24th, 2023) 2RPH General Manager Barry Melville interviews Janice Challinor OAM.

27 Mar 2023, 4pm

27 Mar 2023, 4pm 40th Anniversary at Government House (March 27th, 2023) Covering 2RPH's 40th anniversary event at Government House. With speeches by Her Excellency The Honourable Margaret Beazley, John Martin and Robert Fitzgerald.

27 Feb 2023, 5:28pm

27 Feb 2023, 5:28pm Natasha Maclaren-Jones (February 27th, 2023) Interview with Natasha Maclaren-Jones, Minister for Families and Communities, Disability Services.

30 Jan 2023, 4pm

30 Jan 2023, 4pm Hugh MacKay (January 30th, 2023) Hugh MacKay talks about 'The Kindness Revolution' at 2RPH's end-of-year function for 2022.

2 Jan 2023, 2:30pm

2 Jan 2023, 2:30pm Barry Melville (January 2nd, 2023) Interview with GM, Barry Melville, reviewing 2022 at 2RPH.

5 Dec 2022, 3pm

5 Dec 2022, 3pm Kate Washington MP (December 5th, 2022) Vivian Schenker interviews Kate Washington MP, Shadow Minister for Disability Inclusion and Member for Port Stephens.

10 Oct 2022, 3:15pm

10 Oct 2022, 3:15pm Eduardo Carrasco (October 10th, 2022) Eduardo Carrasco from Good Shepard talks to John Martin about how the organisation was formed, the work they do, and being a station sponsor of 2RPH.

12 Sep 2022, 3:15pm

12 Sep 2022, 3:15pm Ken Bock (September 12th, 2022) Ken Bock is one of the longest serving volunteers at 2RPH, having been with the station since 1995. Ken presents the programs Kaleidoscope, People In Profile, The Sunday Morning Stars and TV Guide, and is part of the Religion Review team. You'll also hear Ken hosting the Newcastle Herald regularly throughout the week.

15 Aug 2022, 3pm

15 Aug 2022, 3pm Menaka Cook (August 15th, 2022) Interview with Menaka Cook, host of the new 2RPH show Colours Of Australia.