What is Radio 2RPH?

2RPH is a special purpose radio station, with more than half our funding provided by Government sources. Additionally, we generate income through memberships, fun raising and sponsorships and corporate support. 

There's no other radio station quite like an RPH station!

2RPH provides a radio reading service for people who cannot read independently, handle or understand printed material. Our audience also includes listeners who for many other reasons find it difficult to access or interpret text based journalism and information. We are on air 17 hours per day.

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Our listeners

A great many people in the Sydney and throughout NSW who have difficulty seeing, handling, or understanding printed material. They include people with low vision, or people who often can't hold a newspaper because of physical disabilities caused by strokes, arthritis, cerebral palsy, etc. Without a radio reading service, they wouldn't be able to access a wide range of information of vital importance to them in their daily lives. 2RPH provides these people with the opportunity to know what's in the daily newspapers or in magazines and books – and they can access all this information simply by switching on their radio.

Listeners also include people from a non-English speaking background. The Adult Migrant Education Service (AMES) uses 2RPH broadcasts as a teaching aid. Announcing the page number of the paper on which an item appears enables students learning English to follow the item being read.

Many people listen to 2RPH while they are driving, or working at home or at business, simply because they enjoy the programming. Some hospitals and nursing homes broadcast 2RPH through their 'in-house' systems.

Broadcasting around the clock

The station is on air 24 hours each day. The three studios and a production suite are in operation from 6am to 11pm each day. Programs from the BBC are broadcast from 11pm to 6am, and each day between 11am and 11:30am for World Briefing.

Volunteers prepare, produce and present all the programs. Items from the day's newspapers are read live by volunteers.

And around Australia...

There are seven RPH stations around Australia (Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Hobart). We are also associated with the Radio Reading Service of New Zealand.

Radio for the Print Handicapped of NSW has been broadcasting in Sydney since April 1983 and from the Glebe studios since May 2000.

Yes, we read for you!

presenter at microphone, reading

You listen when you like to the news from major Australian and local papers.

Selected for you...

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Our volunteers read a vast amount of material and select informative and fun content they think you'll want to hear.

A small paid staff and over 200 volunteers.

General Manager Sancha Donald

The function of her current role is a mix of leadership and management to ensure that the broadcast programs are sustained, contemporary and of the highest standards. Broadly speaking the position requires high quality stakeholder relations and an ability to traverse broadcasting, the disability sector, community engagement and volunteer management. 

Prior to 2RPH, Sancha held the position of Chief Executive Officer at Accessible Arts. This role saw her tasked with the development of the organisation, the implementation of its strategic direction, and championing and advancing opportunities for people with disabilities in the arts in NSW as art makers, audience members and administrators. 

Sancha’s background includes positions as a teacher, sports administrator at the University of Sydney, CEO of Technical Aid for the Disabled, and elite sports team management. 

She has a Masters in Education from the University of Sydney and a Bachelor of Physical Education from the University of Western Australia. In 2000 she was awarded a centenary medal for her contribution to sport.

photo Peter Worthington, head and sholders, black striped shirt

Peter Worthington is the Technical Manager. Peter is responsible for the delivery of the live to air and prerecorded programs that constitute the 2RPH radio prorgam. This includes the construction of automation, editing, engineering, and maintenance. He is responsible for the auditioning and training of volunteer readers and announcers and contributes to programing and scheduling decisions.