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'Lend us your ears, and we'll read you the world'

Tune in to 2RPH's radio reading service each day! A variety of programs features readings from daily newspapers, articles from magazines as well as periodicals such as Women's Day, The Economist, The Big Issue, New Scientist and National Geographic.

Other program features include three daily book readings, extracts from a variety of publications on topics such as health, music, art, entertainment, science, and much more.

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Award-winning Jeenee is a not-for-profit organisation that offers great mobile deals for disabled people and their supporters.

Go to the 2RPH page on the Jeenee website to find out just how good this deal is.

A proportion of the fee goes straight to 2RPH – so thanks for your support!

Our 2RPH audience comprises:

  • Those who are blind and vision impaired
  • People fitted with cochlear implants learning to hear
  • People learning English as a second language who read along with the daily newspaper broadcasts
  • Commuters, taxi drivers and truckies
  • People at work, particularly shift workers who miss the morning news
  • Hospital patients, the elderly and housebound who can listen to the newspapers read to them from the comfort of their beds or lounge chairs

Latest news

2RPH Listener Survey

Mon, 30 May 2016

We'd love to hear what you think about your radio reading service. We invite you to take this short, anonymous survey about you and 2RPH. Or if you'd rather have a chat, please phone us on +612 9518 8811.

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Wed, 20 April 2016

Our Raffle was drawn on Monday 18th April being the 33rd anniversary of the first broadcast from 2RPH.

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RPH Australia appoints Executive Officer

Tue, 12 April 2016

RPH Australia, the peak body for the Radio Reading Network serving people with a print disability,has appointed its first Executive Officer since 2002 after a recruitment campaign that saw interest from Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart.

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